Five Things

Sometimes I find it incredibly difficult to figure out the perfect gift for my husband. I usually struggle for months before the celebration racking my brain on what to possibly get him. Already I’m brainstorming Christmas ideas=(

One Christmas, though, two years ago, I bought the gift of all gifts. Carefully wrapped and divided up into three suitcases just to get it on the island (and then strategically placed in hiding spots around the house to keep it a surprise), I splurged and bought him a telescope. A big telescope! We use it as often as possible, especially now that Gwyneth is getting older and knowing that once we return to city life it just won’t be the same.

It really is amazing though when it’s at work. Last week’s eclipse was absolutely spectacular! We even woke up Gwen so she could catch a glimpse.

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Five Things

It’s that time of year again when my Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with pictures of boots, scarves, and Starbucks cups filled to the brim with PSL’s. For us island folk, fall is actually the hottest time of the year. That’s why I was thrilled to get away from my little rock last week for a quick getaway to Toronto with the Mr. He had business meetings and I had a massive shopping list!

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Meet My Boyfriend

Fashion trends come and go. Some we love, some we hate, and others are definitely interesting. Out of all of the trends we’ve seen, boyfriend fashion is one of our favorites. Boyfriend pants, in particular, are the best. Loosely fit, comfy, and that can be worn with anything and easily dressed up or down? Yes, please!

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Five Things

Gwyneth had a huge milestone this week. She lost her first tooth! She wasn’t sure she wanted to give up her tooth to the tooth fairy, so she slept on it and decided the next day she was okay with the tooth fairy taking her tooth. 😂 When she came down the stairs with her money in hand, I asked her if she was really sure the tooth fairy left her the money. “Yes, mommy! I don’t have crayons, or pencils, or even paper in my room. There’s no way I could have made this money myself!” She’s either going to buy an ice cream this weekend, or save it so she can be rich one day. Her words, not mine.

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Whole 30 Green Thai Curry

A few months ago I read a great book called It Starts With Food. Using a meal plan called the Whole 30, it’s a lifestyle of eating designed to reach optimal health, reduce inflammation in the body, and increase energy levels by eating real, unprocessed food. It’s quite a simple concept and something that I was really intrigued by. While I ultimately decided that I wasn’t ready to follow the entire Whole 30 plan, I did commit to eating fresh, natural food, more often.
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Five Things

Has your week gone by as fast as mine? I can’t believe it’s already Friday! It was a jam packed week with Bre and I working super hard on the new blog design and our new apparel line as well. Amidst the crazy work schedule, the Mr. and I were able to check out a new restaurant. It’s pretty rare to have a modern and reasonably priced restaurant open up on the island. I’ll definitely be going back, especially to celebrate someone’s birthday as I found out they serve a gigantic cloud of pink cotton candy instead of the standard cake! How awesome is that?

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5K Recap

This past weekend was crazy! Friday was low-key with a wonderful homemade chicken parm dinner made by my husband. But then Saturday we had an early golf lesson for Gwyneth, followed by her first Taekwondo lesson (seriously CUTE!), lunch with friends, stopped by a children’s fair, and finished off the day with a night out with friends. We didn’t roll into bed until almost 2am! THEN Sunday we tried to sleep in in the morning, but two kids eager to start the day put an end to that dream quickly. So we were up at 7:30, packed a few boxes (our move is 10 days away), and then headed off to the Barbados 5K Globeathon race. 

It poured all day Sunday, which I was thrilled about because I love running in the rain and it has been particularly hot in Barbados this summer. But as our luck would have it, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and by race time, which was at 4pm, it was sweltering outside. Just standing there at the starting line, we were all sweating!

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