Girl’s Golf Tip #276: Lighten Up!

Girls Golf Tip Lighten Up

Today we’re sharing one of our favorite golf tips. Maybe you’ve heard it before? We’re going to chat about it anyway, because it’s often forgotten and could single-handedly change your game.

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A Ladies’ Golf Group You Must Try

Bump and Run | Ladies Golf Group

We are so excited for tonight! We’ve teamed up with Women On Course and will be showcasing our apparel line at their monthly Signature Event at the Norbeck Country Club in Rockville, MD. We’ve said before that our own mission is to encourage and inspire more women to play more golf, and Women On Course is doing exactly that. 

So What Is Women On Course And Why Should You Give It A Try?

Women on Course is a dynamic community built around events on and off the golf course. It offers opportunities to create connections, deepen relationships, and learn new skills. In this group you can:


  1. Attend events with women who have similar skills;
  2. Get matched with resources to suit your style of play;


  1. Access to like-minded women through our member directory, aka, your “virtual clubhouse;”
  2. First dibs on women-only golf-related events, trips and outings;
  3. Invitations to local, member-only events and “anytime deals” for learning or playing;


  1. Prefered rates to WOC events;
  2. Anytime member deals for local golf and lessons;
  3. Discounts to golf-related products, apparel and service.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s in store for tonight…

Bump and Run | Women On Course
Sometimes learning to golf can be quite intimidating, but groups like Women On Course help take that fear away. You’re meeting and learning to play with other women of all skill levels. It’s great for networking, making friendships, learning and/or perfecting a new skill, getting out into the fresh air, enjoying that much needed glass of wine at the end of the day, traveling with exceptional people…shall we go on? 
They have locations in 14 cities in the US; you must check one out in your area. You won’t be disappointed!
Happy Tuesday!

How Golf Can Help Your Career

How Golf Can Help Your Career

We all know that golf and business mix. For years, deals have been made on the golf course, but do you really know why golf is so important for your career?

Today, Jordan Fuller from Golf Influence, is sharing exactly how golf can help you and your career move forward. Read More…

Play More Golf in Less Time


At Bump & Run, we’re passionate about getting more women to play more golf. We want every woman to experience this amazing sport and all of its benefits!

Over the years, we’ve noticed that many of our friends are hesitant to golf, because they find it very difficult to fit in a full round. In reality, spending 4-5 hours at the golf course just doesn’t work for most. 

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A Ladies Only Golf Club!

Ladies' Golf Club of Toronto

Did you know that since 1924, Toronto has been home to a ladies golf club? In fact, the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto is the only private golf club in North America where women have priority access to tee times. Of course, men are more than welcome to join, but it’s always ladies first at this club! Read More…

How to Prepare for a New Golf Season

How to Prepare for a New Golf Season

We’re in the home stretch of winter, and that means a new golf season is just around the corner! Today we have a guest post from Matt at TruGolf, and he’s sharing his tips on how to get you and your golf game ready for Spring.

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