World-Class Golf That’s Family Friendly

Granite Golf Club

Last month we held our first trunk show for Bump & Run Apparel, with great success, at The Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. It was a fun-filled day and it was amazing to meet so many women golfers!

And tomorrow, May 11th, we’ll be back at it again. This time, we’ll be showcasing our new collection at the beautiful Granite Golf Club, during the opening day of their ladies’ league. 

Located in Southern Ontario, Canada, not too far from Toronto, Granite GC offers its members world-class golf surrounded by tranquility. In 2004 it was designated a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. By respecting the environment around them, this golf course is able to provide impeccable fairways and greens, without an office tower or house in sight. A rare feat for a golf course so close to the city!

While it is a private members-only course, it’s incredibly family friendly. There are five sets of adult tees, and two sets of family tees. Every member of the family can play, regardless of their skill level. Add in an amazing pro shop that carries both golf and lifestyle apparel (they sell jeans!), and you have a golf course that can’t be beat.

If you’re lucky enough to be a member of the Granite GC, we’ll be seeing you there tomorrow! 



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