Trendspotting: Tea Sommeliers

Last week I watched an amazing documentary called Somm. It follows a small group of wine experts who are studying to reach Master Sommelier status. Not an easy feat considering there are less than 200 in the world! The Mr. loves to pair wine with food and he’s admittedly quite good at it, but these guys take it to another level entirely!

Of course, we’ve all heard of pairing wine with food, but did you know that there’s a new trend happening that replaces wine with tea?!? Yup, tea sommeliers are now a thing! Who knew?

Tea Sommeliers

Just like white wines go with fish, and red wines go with steak, there are certain teas that pair better with chicken, and others that go well with curry. If you’re a tea lover, or just not into wine, check out these pairings below: 

White Tea

White tea is very subtle and delicate, so it’s best paired with foods that won’t overwhelm the mild flavor. Simple salads and light fish or seafood dishes are ideal. It’s also an excellent tea to enjoy between meals.

Green Tea

Green tea has three major flavor profiles – vegetal, smoky, and fruity. Vegetal is best with seafood. Smoky green teas go well with poultry, potatoes, and a light stir-fry. While a fruity green tea pairs nicely with sandwiches, fruit salads, and unsweetened pastries. It’s also a great choice for an iced tea.

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are divided into light and dark varieties. The light goes well with scallops, lobster, and other seafood. Dark oolong tea has a stronger flavor and is better with stronger meats and fish, such as duck and salmon.

Black Tea

Black tea has a strong flavor, and goes best with spicy entrées, like jerk chicken or other darkly grilled meats. It can also pair well with lightly sweetened desserts.

Restaurants all over the US are now beginning to offer table side tea service. Check out Atera in NYC or L’Espalier in Boston. And if you’re really interested in this trend, you can become a tea master yourself! 

Have you ever tried pairing tea with food?

What do you think of this new trend?

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