Things I’m Loving Right Now

Things I'm LovingOn the day Jackson was born, it was the coldest DC had been on that date in 120 years. Not even a day old and he’s already breaking records;)

I know I sounded like a wimp on Friday when I complained about the cold [insert Canadian-born-and-raised-who-would-say-5-degrees-is-sweater-weather, Ree, laughing at me now]. So to help me warm-up I’m doing a things I’m loving post on the things that I adore for Spring and a few I can’t wait to try this month. And with all the stores now shifting from winter to spring, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 

1. easter thank-yous: Sadly, Gwyneth has at times been a little bored without school and her friends to play with. Thankfully though, two adorable little girls live next to my parents. She’s become friends with them quickly and they’ve saved her from a few lonely afternoons. They made her mini cupcakes, she’s had several playdates with them, and as a thank you we’ll be making them these super cute treats next weekend. Rice Krispie treats made with Peeps!

easter rice krispie treats

2. spring fashion: With Easter right around the corner, my favorite stores have unveiled their springtime collections and I can’t wait to try on a few dresses to take back to Barbados.

Spring Dresses

3. sibling photography: Tomorrow we have our first photoshoot as a family of four, and I am so incredibly excited. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for a few ideas, but I can’t wait to see what our highly recommended photographer has in store.

Sibling Photography

4. getting back into shape: As challenging as it will be in the beginning, especially with a newborn, I am eager to get back to my morning run. My hope is that by mid/late-April I am able to work running back into my mornings. Unfortunately, I’ll have to hold off on CrossFit for just a little longer, but I’m hoping by May I’m given the green light to slowly work it back into my morning routine.

early morning run

5. colorful tips: I’ve fallen in love with dip dyed hair. It might be because I’ve never really done anything with my hair very daring – e.g. cutting bangs is a big deal to me. But recently I’ve been embracing my big curly hair more and more, and adding a bit of color to the ends while it’s still long is something I’m really craving.

dip dyed hair

What are you loving right now? Ready for spring? What are your Easter plans?

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    Love the spring rice krispie treats and the dipped dyed hair. How fun and can’t wait to see both! Wonder how it would look if you are over 60? LOL!

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