Things I’m Loving Right Now

Today’s things I’m loving is actually sites I love. Since I spend a ridiculous amount of time online – blogging, googling, shopping, and travel planning – I thought I’d share with all my friends my favorite websites this week.

Things I Love

make-up geek

Things I LoveI absolutely adore Marlena at Make-up Geek. Her website has everything – from tutorials covering all make-up basics to advanced techniques like contouring and creating the perfect smokey eye. There’s also an extensive image gallery, which offers ideas for all shades of eye shadow, all eye colors, and all occasions. Whether you’re twenty or fifty, her shared tips are pure genius. Well, as long as you wear make-up, that is;)

I’m a make-up junkie and love, love, love trying new things. So I’m on her site all the time for inspiration and to help remind me how to do certain basics. And with the holidays right around the corner (including Halloween. Yes, there are ideas in her image gallery for Halloween!), I find her site more and more useful everyday!

luxury link

Things I LoveWho doesn’t love to travel, AND who doesn’t love a good deal? A friend of mine recommended this site to me and it’s one of the best recommendations I’ve ever received! For our honeymoon, my husband and I found a 5 star villa in Tuscany (which are few and far between), and received an upgrade to a gorgeous suite, a cooking class with the head chef, a wine and olive tree tour and tasting, AND all at an incredible discount. And when I say incredible, I really mean absolutely ridiculous. It was perfect!

Here’s a tip: It works like an auction. You place a bid and then if the hotel accepts, it’s yours. Kind of like Priceline. Anyway, if you have flexible dates then you’re fine, but if you don’t…then BEFORE you bid, call the hotel to see if they have the dates you’re looking for available (and at least a few rooms just in case), then bid. Once your bid is accepted you can then book immediately with the hotel and you’re all set.

Happy travels!!!

Now, let’s move onto food, shall we?


Things I LoveOkay honestly, it’s yum! Recipes, inspiration, food tours, giveaways, products, DIY, it has everything. Oh, and don’t forget the photo diary, it’s gorgeous! Todd and the writers for HonestlyYUM are amazing. They make every meal look like a work of art. But don’t be intimidated, most recipes are so easy. Of course, I’m a particular fan of the drinks section, because they are so creative and look so yummy (should I stop saying ‘yum’?), but Savory Bacon Granola…are you kidding me? It is the best website for the foodie out there. And heck, if you’re not, you will be after visiting this site.


Things I LoveI have been a fan of Juli’s from PaleOMG since I started incorporating the paleo diet into my life four years ago.  I’m always amazed that she has recipes for almost everyday of the week, because I know how hard it can be to create food posts. Food photography is hard, creating the recipe to look absolutely perfect for that photo shoot is harder, and trying not to eat it all before said photo shoot is WAY too hard! So props to Juli for an amazing website.

And finally, moving on to exercise!


Things I LoveI found this section of YouTube just recently and absolutely love it! BeFit is a channel that gives you access to FREE workouts from top fitness and wellness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Deepak Chopra, Billy Blanks Jr., Scott Herman, and more. They have workout programs, series, and individual classes for just about every kind of exercise you might be interested, including Barre, Zumba, Bootcamp, Yoga, Pilates, and Dance workouts. I tried Barre for the first time last week. Love it!

 What are your favorite links this week? Ever used an auction for your vacation?



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    Oh, my goodness… Luxury Link sounds amazing! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this site before! Am actually planning kind of a last-minute weekend trip for next weekend so am going to head over and see what’s available. Thanks!

    Stopping in from SITS Sharefest–hope you’re enjoying your weekend and that you had a happy Halloween!

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