Things I’m Loving

One of the best things about heading back to the states each summer for several weeks is that I get to try a ton of new products and pull together a fabulous things I’m loving list! I scour Amazon Prime for weeks before I arrive, checking out the latest and greatest, and if it doesn’t have incredibly positive reviews then I’m not interested. As soon as I arrive, I also head to BuyBuy Baby, REI and the Container Store, to name a few, and I walk aisle after aisle looking, gawking, and drooling over the best new products and inventions. It’s every product-queen’s fantasy! 

Things I'm Loving

I think it’s been at least a year since I’ve contributed to the Things I’m Loving section of our blog, so today I thought I’d share with you my favorite beauty products (some of which I got during my product-hunting-phase this summer).


First Aid Beauty Cleansing Body Polish with Active Charcoal – “Scrub, scrub, scrub” are Jackson’s favorite words during bath time, and it’s all I think about when I use this exfoliator. Scrub, scrub, scrub all the dry skin, sun damage, impurities, and just plain dirt away! I use it once a week, and the clay-like polish does the trick well. My skin is super soft and smooth when I step out of the shower.


Dr. Brandt Skincare Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask – probably the coolest product ever! You apply it to your face with a thin lather (kind of looks like a normal face wash), and then the magic begins! It forms into these tiny bubbles and is an incredible feeling on the skin, like tiny fingers dancing on your face. By the time it’s done working, it looks like there is nothing left on your face as if it’s been completely absorbed into your skin. A quick rinse later and skin is brighter and fresher than before. Love it!


Metallic Tattoos – My latest obsession. Metallic fashion temporary tattoos turn any outfit into a beautiful ensemble. I love the golds and silvers on my arms, legs, or shoulders. Any brand, any style, they’re simply gorgeous! These are great gifts, by the way!


Dr Reckeweg’s R6 Homeopathic Remedy Drops – With the seasons getting ready to change and cold season quickly approaching, this is the best product to stock up on. My chiropractor next door neighbor swears by this and gave me his last bottle when I came down with the flu a few days before a race. Now I swear by it and use it for a few days at the first sign of a cold or any slightly under-the-weather like feeling. It kicks whatever you have out of your system before you know it! And most of time, it prevents my cold altogether. Amazing product!


Art Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask – super easy to use and my hair feels amazing. Like the body polish, I use this once a week, and I love it. I wish I had found this when my hair was long, because it would have made such a difference. It does wonders for your scalp, and smooths and conditions your hair without feeling super greasy. And the price is fantastic at only $13. Can you buy any cool beauty product nowadays for less than $15?


TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum – I have spent as much as $60 on a serum for my face, in order to find the perfect one. It’s the one product that I’m constantly changing. Now that I’m a bit older (gasp) and constantly in the sun, I’m pretty specific with what I want. I need a serum that brightens, helps with skin damage, eliminates and fights  wrinkles, and that isn’t greasy or causes me to breakout. It has been quite the challenge. Well, that is until I found TruSkin’s Vitamin C. I love this serum, it’s professional quality, has improved my skin, and can be found at a wonderful, wonderful price!


J.R. Watkins Body Oil Mist – Ever wonder how celebrities’ get that amazing red carpet glow on their skin? For years I tried so many different types of lotion; I’d lather myself up in it, and could never get that glow. Finally, one day in my late 20s I had an “aha” moment. Oil!!! And so the oil search began in my life. I’ve tried a few, but I love this one, because it smells beautiful (coconut and honey) and travels really, really well. The bottle doesn’t get all greasy after I’ve used it. A bonus for me. Try this after the body polish above and your skin will look amazing!

What products are you loving right now?

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