Things I’m Loving

Things I'm LovingToday I leave for Hong Kong – whoop whoop! While I’m dreading the ridiculously long travel to get there (it takes two days!), I’m incredibly excited to explore the city, celebrate my birthday in style, and take a day to visit Macau. I’ve spent the past week packing and re-packing and I think I’ve narrowed down my wardrobe to the essentials…plus a bit more. I’m not a light packer, so the struggle is real.

With so much travel recently, I’ve realized that I tend to pack the same items over and over again. These are the things I’m loving right now that help me get through the long flights and hotel nights.

Things I'm Loving

  1. This Nikon 35mm camera lens is a recent addition to my photography kit and I love it! It’s compact and takes beautifully clear pictures, even in low light, making this a perfect all-around lens for travel.
  2. I use these Shiseido hydrating eye masks regularly at home and it was one of the first things I tossed into my carry-on. Planes are super dehydrating and the jet lag won’t do me any favors either. You can bet I’ll be wearing these at some point during my 13-hour flight!
  3. I’m always curious about what my dog is thinking, and this book is about as close as I can get to figuring it out! I received this book for Christmas and still haven’t had a chance to read it. I figure a super long flight is the time to get it done!
  4. Recently I’ve discovered an amazing company called Kit and Ace. Their clothes are super soft and comfortable thanks to the addition of cashmere in their fabrics. But the best part is that despite the cashmere, the clothes are machine washable! They call it Technical Cashmere and I am officially obsessed.
  5. Comfortable shoes are a must when seeing the sights and these PUMA Suede Classics fit the bill. I’m loving the gray as it’s neutral enough to go with everything, and it has a hint of sparkle. Because every girl needs a bit of sparkle!
  6. I promise this isn’t a PUMA sponsored post, lol! I actually bought these bluetooth Soundchuck speakers for the golf course because they’re durable, weatherproof, and come in a ton of fun colors. However, I’ve been using them all around the house and even by the pool lately. While they may be a bit too big to take with me, I have found them quite useful in blasting some tunes while I pack.

What are you currently loving?

Read any good books lately?

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    OMG have a great time!!! I can’t believe you were able to stop by and leave a comment on my blog today. HOW AMAZING ARE YOU!? And I am LOVING those shoes (and totes want to read that book–I think about what goes on in my dog’s head ALL.THE.TIME. Though I bet it’s something like this: “FOOD. GIMME. Sleeps. BONE! PLAYTIME! Oooooh, she’s eating again.” 🙂

  2. 3

    I have a Canon and I have the equivalent lens and I love using it! I’d love to read Inside of a dog too! My dog is a bit crazy and I’d love to know what he’s thinking too! Have a safe trip!

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