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Things I'm Loving TitleYesterday I started my 10th week of marathon training, and it’s been going okay. It hasn’t been my best go around, but I suppose I shouldn’t really complain. Jackson has been sleeping incredibly well and considering how busy it has been lately, I’d say I’m super close to exactly where I should be with my training.

I can tell I’m a little weak though, because I did 50 air squats this weekend and am still a little sore. Craziness! So in the coming weeks I’m going to add a little more strength work to help build my core and legs. That way by mid-October when I begin to taper, I’m hoping to feel super confident about the race. I have a girlfriend who’s expecting on the same day of the race, and she and I joke on who’s going to be in more pain that day=) What do you think?

Anyway, this time around I’ve tried a few new things out during my runs and found a few I’m really loving so just had to share. And just for fun I added a couple non-running things to my list as well. 

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  1. barkTHINS – my new favorite snack! Of course, I can’t find them in Barbados so I’m stuck making my own, which, if you know how to make bark, you know is ridiculously easy. I really shouldn’t complain, but I love that barkTHINS has done the work for me. Every time I head back to the states, I snatch up a couple bags.
  2. Miracle Blanket – my arms flailing, always kicking little man would never have been able to sleep without this blanket. It really was a miracle worker. We’re past the swaddling stage, but I’m sad to see it go because he really was so cute all wrapped up like a little bean.
  3. Books on Tape – I recently found my new addiction: books on tape! Where have you been all my life?! I’ve been listening to them on my runs and they have been fantastic, especially during my weekly long run. I like thrillers/suspense in particular, because they take my mind off of running. I actually look forward to each morning, because I get to listen to a few new chapters. Here are the last two I listened to that I recommend: Black-Eyed Susans and Those Girls.
  4. RockTape – maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe I’m still weak from pregnancy, but my joints have been a mess since I started running. RockTape has been a great relief and helped tremendously. It stays on for a few days as well, so it lasts longer than some of the other brands out there.
  5. Under Armour Pure Stretch Sheer Cheeky – First of all, these are one size fits all! And second, they are super soft and comfy for a workout. I have worn these during races before and absolutely love them!
  6. These Eloise Maiko loungers – I found these on sale at Anthropologie and absolutely adore them. They are perfect for warm weather, because they are super light weight, keep the mosquitos off my legs, and are so cozy. They come in tons of gorgeous patterns too. I was lucky enough to find two in my size on sale!

What are you loving right now? How is your training going? 

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