Things I’m Loving

This week I had an excellent round of golf. I played with an excellent golfer, with a much lower handicap than I, and she must have rubbed off on me, because I shot my lowest for a round of 18. Which means that my most recent lessons that completely changed my golf swing (…again) must be working;) So in celebration of that I thought I’d do a fun post for today. It’s been far too long since we’ve done one of these. Read More…

Things I’m Loving

This is not a sponsored post. These are just things that I’m truly loving right now!

Now that I’m settling into city life, I’m overwhelmed by the plethora of products and services available to me. It’s like a whole new world! Island living is amazing, but let’s face it, there’s not much shopping. A few months into my urban living, here are the products that I’m loving right now!

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Things I’m Loving

Things I'm LovingToday I leave for Hong Kong – whoop whoop! While I’m dreading the ridiculously long travel to get there (it takes two days!), I’m incredibly excited to explore the city, celebrate my birthday in style, and take a day to visit Macau. I’ve spent the past week packing and re-packing and I think I’ve narrowed down my wardrobe to the essentials…plus a bit more. I’m not a light packer, so the struggle is real.

With so much travel recently, I’ve realized that I tend to pack the same items over and over again. These are the things I’m loving right now that help me get through the long flights and hotel nights. Read More…

Things I’m Loving Right Now

Prior to my move to the Caribbean, I worked in a standard office building and never really had a need for a home office. Now that I’m officially working on the blog every day, I find myself yearning for a nicer place to work other than on my couch, or the spare guest room with makeshift office furniture. 

With limited shopping opportunities available on the island, all I can do right now is swoon over the amazing home office spaces on Pinterest. I’m dreaming of the day when I have access to a myriad of beautiful items to create an inviting and creative space! Until then, here are the items I’m loving for my future office. A few I already own, and the rest are officially on my wish-list!

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Winter Gear for Your Dog

Growing up in Canada in a household that always had two dogs, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about winter gear for the four-legged members of my family. The cold temperatures, snow and ice, and salty sidewalks can be miserable conditions for your pooch. Just ask any of the dogs that are experiencing Storm Juno right now! 

Winter Gear for your Dog

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Things I’m Loving: Winter Edition

TitleThis is not a sponsored post. These are just items that I’m truly crushing on.

I’m aware of how ironic it is that a girl who lives in the Caribbean is writing anything with the title “winter edition”. One would think that I’m completely out of touch with all things cold and wintery, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Living in a hot and humid climate, I’m no longer accustomed to the dry, cold air and my system is always shocked whenever I land in North America.

I’m constantly looking for new items that will keep me warm and fuzzy while I visit my friends and family. Here are a few of the items I’m loving right now.

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Our Favorite Holiday Movies

Favorite Holiday MoviesThick wool socks, decadent hot cocoa, plush pillows, a warm fire, and a heart-felt holiday movie – it’s Christmas bliss! December is here and it’s the perfect time for snuggling up with your favorite holiday classic.

Growing up, watching holiday movies while putting up the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, or with the family on a Friday night for both of us added to the unique and memorable traditions that make this time of year so special.

And now that we’re both adults and have our own families, those traditions have not changed. We love this time of year, and must admit, we’ve been watching holiday movies for a few weeks now. However, now that December has arrived, the Christmas decorations have finally gone up, and everyone is starting to share in the spirit of the season. So we thought it was a perfect time to share our most beloved holiday movies.

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Things I’m Loving Right Now

This is not a sponsored post. These are just products that I’m truly crushing on.

Happy Monday!  It’s time for one of my favorite posts – things I’m loving right now! It was Bre’s turn in July, and today it’s mine! Let’s get down to business shall we?


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