Paleo Basics

Please note that I am not a licensed nutritionist. I am simply sharing what I’ve researched, learned, and personally experienced.  Please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet.

I started my paleo journey about 5 years ago when my kick-ass friend and CrossFit competitor, Krista, told me about it. I was looking to loose some of the baby weight from when I was pregnant with Gwyneth and thought I’d give it a try.

Then over coffee last week, my girlfriend and I started talking about food and diets, and she mentioned how she needed to change her eating habits because of several allergies and food intolerances she’d developed over the past couple years. So I put together these paleo basics for her and anyone else hoping to gain some understanding of the diet.

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How CrossFit Has Helped Me

Bump day icon Please note that I am not a licensed trainer. I am simply sharing this post based on my own experiences. Please consult with your doctor about any medical issues or concerns before starting a new exercising program.

I’ve wanted to write this post for quite some time, but waited because I wanted to really demonstrate how I’ve benefited from CrossFit. I joined a CrossFit gym in May 2013, and, while there are tons of articles now describing impressive improvements from CrossFitters as well as several negative articles trashing the sport from naysayers, I wanted to share my personal experience on how CrossFit has helped me. 

How CrossFit helped me

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Getting Over a Fitness Slump

In May I ran the Long Island Half Marathon, and even though I was two minutes slower than my goal time, I felt fantastic and incredibly proud.Half Marathon

After, I decided to take a break because I was afraid I was going to get burnt out from running, particularly since I’d run another half six months prior. I’m only a three year old runner (or official runner I suppose), so I wanted to be sure I didn’t get bored or overwhelmed by the sport. It doesn’t come as naturally to me as someone whose been running for many years.  Read More…

Green Tea Health Benefits + Matcha Green Tea Powder Review

This post was created in collaboration with Kiss Me Organics. All opinions are my own.

Please note that we are not dietitians or nutritionists. The posts we create are based on our own personal experiences and, therefore, should not be taken as medical advice. Please talk with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. 

Health Benefits of Green TeaI’m pretty consistent when it comes to my morning time routine. Workout, clean up, school run, breakfast and vitamins…then start the day. The only thing that changes typically is what I’m eating for breakfast, which depends on how much time and/or energy I have in the morning. However, two months ago I turned the big 3-5 and since then I’ve been researching the vitamins I take and wondering what else I should be focusing on now that I’m officially in my mid-thirties. Anti-aging supplements, of course, came immediately to mind, but so too did the importance of adding more antioxidants to my diet.  Read More…