Tips for Beautiful Hair

Tips for Beautiful Hair

Everyone has a bad hair day, and we can all agree that they suck. But what happens when your bad hair day turns into a bad hair month?

As women, we put our hair through a lot. Coloring, drying, curling, straightening, you name it. Our hair gets abused, and this constant abuse can cause long term damage.

Today, we have a guest sharing her story about how she brought her hair back to life. Please welcome Katie! Read More…

How to Get Incredible Curls

This is definitely one of our longest posts. I apologize in advance. But if you have curly hair, it’s a good read, I promise!

Curly hair is complicated. Frizz; crunchy curls; knots; hair weighed down; uneven curls; do I brush it, do I not; should I use cream or mousse, or both…there are countless issues we face. Most people who ask about my curly hair for the first time assume I’ve pulled out the curling iron and spent hours curling individual strands. But I don’t. And I’m excited to tell you that getting beautiful curls with volume is crazy easy!

So if you have waves or curls and want to know how to make the most out of them, read on, your life’s about to change;) Incredible Curls Title

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How to Fishtail Braid

I love a fishtail braid. With very little effort, it creates such a stunning look. It’s most definitely my daughter’s favorite hairstyle, and I love it’s versatility. It can be worn in a classic ponytail, draped in a side ponytail, or made into a statement style when braided along the crown of my forehead. No matter the occasion, it’s simply beautiful. I’ve been asked by several friends, especially ones with little girls, how to fishtail, so here’s a simple how-to on creating the perfect fishtail braid. Remember too though, it’s so easy to create that it can easily be done to your own hair. I wear this exact look (minus the ribbon) all the time!

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How to Become a Master French Braider

A couple weeks ago I did a how-to post on one of my favorite braids – pretty side braid into a bun. After, I received several requests from friends for a tutorial on mastering the French braid. I’ve been braiding for so long that I didn’t even think that perhaps we should start from the beginning. As with anything, braiding takes practice, yet once you’ve got it down the possibilities are endless! But first things first, let’s master the French braid, shall we?

step 1: no more braiding to the side

Over the years as I’ve watched friends braid their own hair, I’ve noticed that many actually braid their hair to the side so they can see what they’re doing in the mirror. If this is your method of braiding, the first step in becoming a master French braider, I’m sorry to say, is to stop doing this. Simple, right? Well, you’ll get used to it soon enough! If not, and you usually braid with your hands completely behind your head, then skip to step three.

Become a Master French Braider

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Hair Tutorial: Pretty Side Braid into Bun


Fashion FridaysI think braids are so pretty and elegant. There are so many options, and with the summer and it’s horrid humidity just around the corner, simple updos can be quite the time saver and will always put an end to a bad hair day. This pretty side braid into a bun is one of my favorites and, because I’ve been asked a few times how it’s done, I’m happy to share it with you today.

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