Five Things

It’s been far too long since we’ve written a Five Things, let alone any post on the blog. Sorry for that! With the end of summer quickly approaching and finally feeling like I can catch my breath, I wanted to come back with one of my favorite posts: Five Things…I’ve been up to lately;) Read More…

Our Big Announcement!

“The golf course brought us together, but the laughter on the fairway made us friends.”

This quote cannot be more true. Remember those days as a child when you used to pretend with your closest friends about life together as adults? With big houses, boy band husbands and, of course, living next door to each other. Well, we had a silly conversation just like that, two years ago on the golf course. But instead of mansions and childhood crushes, we were pretending we had our own fashion line. 

Several glasses of wine later, our vision became a reality. We have been looking forward to this day for so long and are incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of Bump & Run Apparel!

Bump & Run Apparel Read More…