Barefoot Running Shoes: A Review

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I ran on a treadmill recently. I wasn’t able to get out for my morning run, because my husband was away, and I couldn’t leave little Gwynnie at home alone (could I? Ha, just kidding!!). So, after dropping her off at school, I headed to the gym and, surprisingly, it was incredibly small. Yes, I live on a small island with 250K people but, considering I once lived on an island a quarter the size with a gym three times the size, this venture was a bit shocking. Read More…

Barefoot Running: Learning to Run All Over Again

I can’t remember the first time I heard the term barefoot running, but I do remember what specifically prompted me to explore the idea.  It was two years ago and I had just completed the New York City marathon (more on that subject another day). I was so sore the three days after, I had to use two hands on the railings just to get down a flight of stairs (and unfortunately, I live in a town home with two flights)! Even though my training program had “recovery” training sessions planned for a few days after the race, it wasn’t until about two weeks later that I felt comfortable getting back out there.

my feet after a barefoot run

my feet after a barefoot run

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