Summer Projects for Kids: Bake A Cake

Glorious days at the beach, staying up as late as the sun, barbecues, ice cream trucks, running barefoot all day, everyday…summer has countless activities every kid loves. But along with those amazing experiences, also comes this one terrible, terrible phrase so many parents here, “I’m bored.” 

Two words said over and over again. I’m not really a must-entertain-my-child-every-second-of-everyday kinda mom. I would lose my mind. However, on occasion I’ll throw together a few ideas for Gwyneth and I to do together, and almost always we both have a grand time;) So begins my little blog series for the next couple months – Summer Projects for Kids: Bake A Cake.

Summer Projects For Kids: Bake A Cake

We found this fabulous recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction (first time on her site, it’s cute!) that’s perfect for summer. Lemons + blueberries + cream cheese frosting and I was sold. 

Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

Sally’s cake is exquisite; it looks absolutely beautiful. But I made mine with my six year old daughter and, I gotta say, I think it looks just fab! 

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a Cake

~ well done Gwyneth! ~

A layer cake is a great project for the kids, because stacking and icing a multi-layered cake is super fun!

We started off by gathering and measuring our ingredients.

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a Cake

Zesting and juicing several lemons.

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a CakeGiving the blueberries a good swirl through some flour, keeps them from sinking to the bottom of the cake.

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a Cake

Folding the blueberries into the batter.

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a Cake

Filling three cake pans. You can use one or two, but know that the cooking time will be longer.

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a Cake

And finally layering. Gwyneth iced the whole cake by herself! I helped with the sides a bit and cleaning up around the cake plate, but she was so excited to do it herself that how could I say no?

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a CakeIn Sally’s recipe, the heavy cream added to the icing can be lessened for a thicker icing, but we opted for the gooey version and added the full 2 tablespoons. What kid doesn’t love melt-in-your-mouth gooey icing?

Summer Projects for Kids Bake a Cake

Absolutely delectable!

Summer Projects for Kids: Bake a Cake

What are you doing with the kids this summer? Any projects you recommend?

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    When making blueberry pancakes the blueberries always seem to sink to the bottom of the bowl. Your idea about coating the blueberries with flour so that they won’t sink sounds like a great solution! Thanks!

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