Spring Travel Attire

Fashion FridaysIt’s mid-April and we are most definitely well into spring. This weekend is Easter, spring breaks are in full swing, and travel is on everyone’s mind. And if you weren’t lucky enough to get away over the winter, hopefully you have some holiday plans up your sleeve!

Living on an island, we’re pretty much forced to hop on a plane if we want to go anywhere. Between the two of us, we’ve been separated from North America for over 10 years, and have visited 27 countries, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about being on an airplane! And what we’ve learned from all those miles traveled is to dress comfortably and be ready for any temperature.

Today, we’re sharing with you our favorite travel outfits for spring and summer. 


spring travel attire

Ree Travel Attire

When I travel this time of year, I always wear a basic uniform of a white tank, comfortable jeans, and flats. I can wear this outfit at the Barbados airport without melting! Then I layer with accessories for interest, color, and warmth, because 99% of the time I’m going somewhere a lot cooler than where I live!

spring travel attire

A light, pretty scarf not only makes your outfit pop, but it can double as a blanket if the plane is freezing. Or you can use it to cover your nose and mouth if the inconsiderate oaf in the seat next to you sneezes in your direction. Seriously, sometimes the worst part of traveling is the travel! I always have a sweater handy as well. For spring, it’s usually something light that can ward off any chills, but doesn’t add any weight to my carry-on.

Ree Travel Attire

Speaking of carry-ons, I love the Raspail from Louis Vuitton. It’s a durable leather, and large enough to hold everything I need for a long flight (it’s almost 6 hours from Barbados to Toronto,) but small enough to fit under the seat in front of me. Plus…it’s super stylish! 

Ree Travel Attire

Shoes that are easy to remove at the security line are a must! But they also need to be comfortable for walking around the airport. Cute flats in a bright color are the answer!

what Ree’s wearing:

Old Navy tank (similar)

7 for all Mankind jeans

Tieks tangerine flats

H&M sweater (in hand) (similar)

Target scarf (similar)

Louis Vuitton Raspail MM bag

Burberry sunglasses (similar)



spring travel attire 

Bre Travel Attire

Traveling can be completely chaotic, especially as a mom. When I prepare for a plane ride the last thing I want to worry about is the clothes I’m wearing, so I try to create outfits that are comfortable, easy to get around in, but at the same time don’t scream, “Look out! Mom with a toddler traveling!” If I look well and put together, then I feel happy, I’m less stressed, and usually life seems to go just a little smoother. Of course the things missing in these pictures are my Vera Bradley duffle, stroller, and the cutest little pig-tailed four year old!

Bre Travel Attire

I adore this dress because it’s incredibly comfortable, a gorgeous color, and doubles as a blanket. I love to curl up in the seat, throw on the socks I bring along, and wrap the dress around my legs. I do carry a blanket with me, but it almost always goes to the little one. 

Bre Travel Attire

I usually though only get cold once the plane has taken off, because I’m no longer carrying several things, folding a stroller, getting a child through security (which, by the way, start your child traveling early and by four he/she will be better at security than most of the people around you), or running from one concession to the next loading up on snacks, drinks, and the like. This jean jacket is perfect for layering because it’s not too hot for all those before and after plane moments, and it’s easily paired with the outfits I usually pack.

Bre Travel Attire

I really love this bag from Desigual as well because it’s cross-body, has the perfect sized pockets for a few passports and my phone, and is durable enough to be kicked and tossed around. I love Desigual’s designs because they are bold and eccentric and will add a gorgeous punch to your outfit. And, of course, I can’t forget the shoes. These sandals are comfortable and easy to pull on and off my feet. The jewels on the t-strap are really pretty, and they always make me happy when I wear them. They’re like jewelry for my feet!

what Bre’s wearing:

Old Navy color block maxi dress (similar)

Max Jeans denim jacket (similar)

Desigual London cross-body bag

Calvin Klein Catarina sandals

Express large hoop earrings

Oakley Caveat sunglasses 

What are your travel plans this spring and/or summer? Do you have any travel outfit staples? What’s the one thing you always bring on the plane with you?

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