Scrapbook: Antigua

Over the Easter weekend, the Mr. and I did a little island hopping and stayed at the Sandals Grande Resort & Spa in Antigua. The trip was both a break from packing for our big move and a celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary, which is in June! 

Sandals Grande Resort & Spa, Antigua

~ the view from our suite ~

While the trip didn’t get off to a great start, thanks to a strike at our airport that had us miss two full days and a night, it was glorious when we finally arrived! We splurged and went for a suite with butler service and it didn’t disappoint. Our butler made the dinner reservations, sorted out our chairs by the pool, and there was a candlelit bath ready when we got back to our room each evening. Talk about indulgent!

Sandals Grande Resort & Spa, Antigua

~ beach views ~

Typically, when we visit some place new, we make a point of getting off the resort and exploring the country. However, this trip was for strict relaxation purposes only! The only plans made were a facial for me and a couples massage. 

Sandals Grande Resort & Spa, Antigua

~ sitting by the pool ~

The resort grounds were beautiful, the service was amazing, and the weather was spectacular. It was just what we needed before heading up north and starting a new chapter of our lives.

Sandals Grande Resort & Spa, Antigua

~ around the resort ~

Sandals Grande Resort & Spa, Antigua

~ playing around ~ 

Sandals Grande Resort & Spa, Antigua

~ under the Caribbean sun ~

Sandals Grande Resort & Spa, Antigua

~ a perfect ending ~

Have you ever been to a Sandals resort?

What’s your favorite holiday destination?

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