School Day Hairstyles for Little Girls

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If you have a little girl, then you know the pains I go through every morning trying to style my daughter’s hair. It’s gotten better now that she’s nearly five, but it has been quite the struggle! Don’t get me wrong, I love doing hair (dream job, once upon a time) and hers does come out pretty cute half the time. 

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Working with toddler hair though is really tough – flyaways, fine, slippery hair – it’s just not easy! Oh, and unfortunately, it gets harder once they start school. Trying to figure out how to style my daughter’s hair and have it stay perfectly throughout the day creates a whole other set of problems. Sometimes I’ve shown up to pick her up and she looks like a disheveled mess! LOL, it’s quite the picture!

So with school now in full swing, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite school day hairstyles for little girls.

School hairstyles for little girls


tools I use:

School hairstyles for little girlsMini spray bottle (like this one) – wetting hair can make handling it much easier; just make sure it’s only damp and not sopping.

Any rat tail comb (like this one) – if it has a pointy end, it’s excellent for parting hair! And btw, I just learned they were called “rat tail” combs. Who knew?

Scrunci Girl’s No-Damage Poly Bands – for tying off smaller sections or braids.

Scrunci No Slip Grip Evolution Gel Elastic (mini size) – great for fine hair! I use these to tie off larger sections like ponytails. Sometimes I even use two to ensure her hair doesn’t fall out by the end of the day.

Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hair Gel – helps keep hair (especially the tiny ones) in place and adds texture, which makes it easier to handle hair.

These are tools that tons of moms recommend as well, but I haven’t splurged on yet. Next trip back to the states I just might have to make the investment.

Conair Topsy Tail – too cute for little ones! Check out this adorable style!

Cutter comb – my little one would probably really, really appreciate a comb that cuts the elastics out! Scissors of course are just as easy, but she has to sit perfectly still for that. The comb would certainly prevent any crazy accidents from happening=)


classic double french braid

French Braid Collage

The key to getting this hairstyle done well is to use gel, which really helps grip the hair, and to use the rat tail comb to pull the sections of hair.

multi-section half-up ponytails

School hair for little girlsLook at that angry face!!! Just one more picture, sweetie! 

multi-section pig tails

School hairstyles for little girls

This style is perfect for uneven hair or hair with tons of flyaways, because it makes it a bit more secure than just pigtails alone. Start from either the top or bottom, then switch before finally pulling it all together with two pigtails centered near the top of the head.

fishtail ponytail

School hair for little girls

The hardest part about this hairstyle? Getting her hair into a high ponytail. So use that spray bottle liberally! I also used two gel elastics to make it more secure and give the ponytail a bit of height. Creating a fishtail braid is super easy, but if you haven’t tried it before, here’s a quick tutorial.

Well, here’s my four to start, but I realize it’s a long school year.  So here are a few more to add to your library.

What’s your favorite hair from your school days? Ever try to wear them now? I wore the double French braid to the beach this past weekend…never too old;)






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    I loved all the wonderful pictures of Gwen. I think my favorite is the fish tail. I think it might be hers too. She asked me to do it several times, so maybe I can try it out next time she comes to visit.

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