Who Says Girls Can’t Play?

It’s Wednesday! Around here, we call it “bump day.” Each and every Wednesday we’ll post a tip, trick, gadget, or something fun and random to get you through the rest of the week. 

As most of you know, Ree and I live overseas and, as such, we have a very diverse group of friends. So we’ve come to appreciate the fact that most of our friends don’t know a thing about football (American football that is, for our international friends who might be reading this). Actually, come to think of it, I have a few friends in the states who don’t know anything about football either. Hmmm, I’ll leave them out of this for now.

Okay, not only are our friends here very diverse, but they are also adventurous. Recently, we were able to convince them to join in on a friendly game of touch football. Oh, and with a few boys…I suppose it would have been rude to exclude the boys. Ha!

So we started off selecting teams; my husband was one captain and Ree’s husband was the other. And get this, the four ladies playing (myself included) are SO unbelievably good at football that we were picked first, before a single guy!!! Seriously, we’re that good;) With the teams picked and the rules loosely created, we were set.

Set Football

We all slowly and carefully walked out onto the saturated field (due to the non-stop months of rain we’ve been getting). At first we paid close attention to the ground to avoid getting dirty, but do you see how long the grass was? Oh, how quickly that changed!

No, that's not hair on our legs…that's dirt!

No, that’s not hair on our legs…that’s dirt!

Overall, it was an amazing game. We had our passing plays, our running plays, and definitely a few plays you’d never see in the NFL.

Football Collage

And even though the guys really did try their darndest, it was the ladies who stole the show!

The ladies taking charge!

The ladies taking charge!

Who says girls can’t play?

I am proud to say that our team won. And now chime in Ree and her team who will tell you that they had one less player. Excuses, excuses…too funny! How no one noticed the teams were uneven until we were half way through I’ll never know. I can almost guarantee you though, someone will be counting at the rematch;)

Both teams, however, played so incredibly well that I have designated us the unofficial touch football team of Barbados. I’m thinking team shirts are in order!

Team Picture

And so as the saying goes, work hard, play hard. Well, after our wonderful afternoon of touch football, what better way to celebrate than with a party…and not just any party, a Super Bowl party!

My husband and I throw a Super Bowl party each year, and each year it gets just a little bigger.

Bar Table

We had a few drinks. Well, maybe a little more than a few…

After the Super Bowl

We had fun games and a few winners…

Super Bowl Football Pool

We even had a game that no one won. Nope. No one was even close to guessing the final score of the game. So we popped open the prize and we all had a taste of the fabulous 2003 Vintage Dom Perignon Champagne.

Final Score Contest

Who would have expected the game on Sunday? Craziness! Congrats to the Seahawks! And so the season has now come to an end, the professional season that is, not our touch football season (we’re sure to play a few more games). Now what will we do with our Sundays? I’m actually not terribly torn up over the fact that football is over, because frankly my season was over months ago. Being from D.C. makes me a Redskins fan, so as you know (or perhaps you don’t) their season was over long, long…long ago.

Someone's gotta support these teams…;)

Someone’s gotta support these teams…;)

And as for what to do on Sundays? Well, the Olympics are starting up this weekend. After that? Perhaps maybe a game night soon or two (board games, that is). We have tons of alcohol leftover and I can hear Pictionary calling my name!

Were you happy to see the Seahawks win? Sad to see the season over? Ever played football before? What are your plans this weekend?





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    I have to admit that I’m one of those that don’t really understand football. I watch it a little when my husband has it on and of course I watch the Super Bowl but that’s about it! It looks like you guys had a blast playing touch football before the big game!

  5. 9

    I love this post! I am also living abroad (in Sweden now) and was interested to see what other people’s thoughts on American football is! Everyone here has also never played our football- its fun to teach them how to throw one!

    • 10

      Sweden sounds amazing!!!! Everyone laughed at the end of the Super Bowl when the announcer said “Seattle World Champions.” My friends said, “World? Isn’t this an American sport?” LOL! Throwing a football, to me, is the hardest part=) Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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