Play More Golf in Less Time


At Bump & Run, we’re passionate about getting more women to play more golf. We want every woman to experience this amazing sport and all of its benefits!

Over the years, we’ve noticed that many of our friends are hesitant to golf, because they find it very difficult to fit in a full round. In reality, spending 4-5 hours at the golf course just doesn’t work for most. 

We’re not the only ones to have noticed this. In 2014, the USGA introduced their PLAY9 program.  Instead of playing the usual 18-hole round, you can play just 9 holes and spend half the time at the course. PLAY9 is an initiative that we strongly agree with. It encourages shorter rounds of golf that fit within today’s busy world. As we like to say here at B&R, golf can’t always be a lifestyle. Sometimes you just need a lifestyle that includes golf.

This year, the USGA is improving on this already amazing program by designating the ninth day of each month (from May – October) as PLAY9 Day. All participating clubs are encouraged to support 9-hole play and all of the benefits that come with it.  

If you’re struggling to fit golf into your life, check out your local clubs and ask about the PLAY9 program. You can find participating clubs here, and special events here.

For more tips, check out how to golf in under 2 hours, and how to golf while living in a city!


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