Elf for Health 2013 – Staying Fit Over the Holidays

Today marks the beginning of our Elf for Health 2013 challenge!

Elf for Health is a 4-week challenge organized by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean, and we’re thrilled to be taking part! The daily challenges are aimed to keep you healthy and fit over the holiday season – not an easy task. And, seeing as we’re new to the blogging scene, we thought it would be an amazing way to connect with and support our fellow bloggers. Read More…

Barefoot Running Shoes: A Review

It’s Wednesday! Around here, we call it “bump day.” Each and every Wednesday we’ll post a tip, trick, gadget or something fun and random to get you through the rest of the week. 

I ran on a treadmill recently. I wasn’t able to get out for my morning run, because my husband was away, and I couldn’t leave little Gwynnie at home alone (could I? Ha, just kidding!!). So, after dropping her off at school, I headed to the gym and, surprisingly, it was incredibly small. Yes, I live on a small island with 250K people but, considering I once lived on an island a quarter the size with a gym three times the size, this venture was a bit shocking. Read More…

Barefoot Running: Learning to Run All Over Again

I can’t remember the first time I heard the term barefoot running, but I do remember what specifically prompted me to explore the idea.  It was two years ago and I had just completed the New York City marathon (more on that subject another day). I was so sore the three days after, I had to use two hands on the railings just to get down a flight of stairs (and unfortunately, I live in a town home with two flights)! Even though my training program had “recovery” training sessions planned for a few days after the race, it wasn’t until about two weeks later that I felt comfortable getting back out there.

my feet after a barefoot run

my feet after a barefoot run

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My Favorite Cocktail – The Tropical Martini

It’s Wednesday! Around here, we call it “bump day.” Each and every Wednesday we’ll post a tip, trick, gadget or something fun and random to get you through the rest of the week.

This weekend cannot arrive fast enough! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a crazy week here. All I want to do is sit poolside with an ice cold cocktail in my hand. With that in mind, and keeping with this week’s theme, we have extended our lovely golf mantra to: CTFD + drink!

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Golf Lesson #2: Find Your Happy Place

Sometimes a girl needs a happy place.  A zone to retreat to when times are tough. Do you have one? Do you visualize a beach with palm trees and umbrella drinks? Or imagine snow-capped mountains and the warmth from curling up next to a fireplace? Perhaps, it’s a mantra – a phrase you repeat over and over to calm yourself through those moments of chaos or self-doubt.

The art of zen has been around for centuries. Anyone who has ever practiced yoga understands the importance of a calm, steady mind. Whether it’s through breathing exercises and “om” chanting, or meditation and visualization, we have an incredible ability to settle the mind and soul, and reach a place of inner peace. Read More…

Antigua Spring 2014 Women’s Golf Collection

It’s Fashion Friday! Once a month we’ll highlight some of our favorite fashion finds. Whether it’s for golf, running, yoga, everyday errands, or even wishful thinking (Hermès bag anyone?), we want to share it with you.  

Today, we’re showcasing Antigua’s Spring 2014 Women’s Golf Collection. We’re absolutely loving the use of bright colors, which are completely on trend with the neon craze happening right now. And with names like Candy (pink), Grapeade (purple), Citrine (light green), Sherbet (orange), and Cloud (light blue), who can resist?

We can’t wait to try the Cinch skort, which is made of a stretchy micro-jersey fabric and allows you to adjust the length to your comfort level. Wear it longer on the golf course and show a little more leg while you run errands, or vice versa depending on which course you’re on!

Cinch skort in Cloud

Antigua Cinch skort in cloud

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Golf Lesson #1: Lighten up Your Grip Pressure

Guess what day it is? It’s Wednesday! Around here, we call it “bump day.” Whoop, whoop!

Each and every Wednesday we’ll post a tip, trick, gadget or something fun and random to get you through the rest of the week.

Today, it’s a tip for all you golfers out there.  It’s a simple one, but it’s still important and something we’ve heard time and time again. Each instructor or experienced golfer has their own version of this tip.  For some, it’s “don’t crush the baby bird.” For others, it’s “don’t squeeze the toothpaste.” Regardless of the metaphor used, it still means the same thing: lighten up on your grip pressure. It may sound easy, but it’s easier said than done!

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In the Beginning…There Was Golf

We met on the golf course. We were both living on an island (affectionately referred to as “The Rock,” not Alcatraz…that’s a different story) supporting our husbands as they ventured into new jobs. The combination of no work permit, beautiful weather, and an abundance of golf courses has led many ex-pat wives to the golf course, and we were no exception. We were paired up for a holiday tournament – Santa hats, golf carts decked out like reindeer and all – and with one quick slip of the tongue, it was the f-bomb to be precise, we were instant friends. The fact that we were the only ones cursing up a storm that day, while the other ladies were acting, well, lady-like, solidified our friendship on day one.

Learning golf was always on Ree’s bucket list, while Bre wanted to learn so that she and her husband could have an activity to share together, particularly as they grew older (a terrible misconception at the time that golf was for the retired). Shortly after starting, we quickly realized that golf was an incredibly difficult sport best left to patient folk who were comfortable shelling out tons of cash on lost balls, club fees and developing a small drinking problem. Yet, there we were and there we’ve stayed. For well over a year, we dragged ourselves to the driving range, golf clinics and weekly golf outings. There was a lot more cursing, some shameful self doubt, and a TON of lost balls. Yet, slowly, but surely, we were getting better. Not great, just better. Read More…