Meet Jackson

Last weekend was absolutely crazy. The Mr. and Gwyneth arrived on Thursday afternoon, and, by 6am Friday morning, we were on our way to the hospital. I think baby must have heard their voices when they arrived and thought, “Yay, they’re here! Time to see the world!” 

Meet Jackson Close Up

So at a week and a half early, we had a gorgeous baby boy. He is remarkable!

A baby boy though without a name, remember the hubby and I were supposed to work on this as soon as he arrived. The biggest question at the hospital during our stay (even before he was born) was, “what’s his name?” Every nurse, doctor and staff person were all eager to call him by name. And so were we!

Finally on Sunday morning, a day and a half after his delivery when we were asked if we wanted to go home, the pressure was on. The nurses laughed and said we could stay until Monday if we needed more time, but we weren’t able to leave until we completed the proof of life forms, which of course required a name.

Meet Jackson Eyes Open

So I’d like you all to meet Jackson Thomas. Jackson, a Scottish name meaning “God has been gracious” was incredibly fitting, because he truly has been a blessing for us. It was always the front runner in our list of boy names, even when we were naming Gwyneth six years ago (before we knew she was going to be a girl). And Thomas is my husband’s middle name, which fit perfectly with his first name.

We call him Jackson most of the time, but he’s already been called JT, Jackie, Jack, Jacks and, Gwyneth’s favorite, Jacksie.

She’s in love with her baby brother and has been such an amazing help. We could not be happier!

Meet Jackson w Gwyneth

Thank you to everyone who has already sent me their well wishes. We have the best family and friends and feel incredibly blessed! 

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