How to Make the Perfect Bubble Bath

In the cold winter months, I can’t think of anything more luxurious and comforting than a hot bubble bath.  There’s something about soaking in a sea of bubbles that soothes the soul. It’s a small break from the hustle and bustle of every day life. An oasis that warms you up and calms you down.

How to Make the Perfect Bubble Bath

I personally love a bubble bath. Even in the hot Caribbean climate, I enjoy a long soak every week! I’ve literally taken hundreds of baths, and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become a bit of a bath connoisseur. Over the years I’ve honed my bath making skills, and today I’m sharing some of my tips.

have someone else draw your bath

Just like dinner, it’s always better when someone else prepares it. I was staying at the Mokara Hotel and Spa in San Antonio, and they actually had a bath butler! How sweet is that?!? While a bath butler is a bit much, ask your sweetie to draw you a bath. What a great Valentine’s Day gift!

set the mood

Light some candles, put on some music (I love a good monster ballad playlist), and pour some wine. I also take the time to catch up on my magazines. Light, thin magazines work best so they’re easy to hold. My personal fave is Entertainment Weekly, but gossip mags (In Touch, US Weekly, etc) work just as well! Or try a bath caddy to hold your favorite book.

make it therapeutic 

Choose a scented bath foam that serves a purpose. Need to relax? Try a lavender scent. Looking to revitalize? Juniper or eucalyptus scents work well. My go-to bubbles are these ones from Ombra. They produce a great amount of bubbles and have long-lasting scents in a wide range to suit any mood.

Once you’ve chosen your scent, add one to two cups of epsom salts to the water. These salts do wonders for your body! They soothe tired muscles, help your body flush toxins, and actually help you soak up much required magnesium. 

How to Make the Perfect Bubble Bath

unplug to unwind

The point of a long soak is to relax and unwind. This means leaving your smartphone well out of arm’s reach. Outside of the room is even better, so those dings and alarms don’t harsh your mellow. And of course, the last thing you want to do is drop your phone in the water (ask Bre how that turns out)!

stay cozy

After your soak, rinse off with cool water and liberally apply a moisturizer. A hot bath is wonderful, but it does dry out your skin. Put on your favorite comfies, grab a cup of tea (or the rest of that wine!) and continue to pamper yourself for the evening.

Now that you have the basics down, check out these amazing pics. Whether you’re looking for decorating ideas, calming motivation, or ways to make date night a little more romantic, here are a few gorgeous bubble bath scenes for inspiration. 

~ surrounded by flowers ~

the perfect bubble bath

~ lace makes everything beautiful ~

the perfect bubble bath

~ country elegance ~

the perfect bubble bath

~ taking a break from life ~

the perfect bubble bath

~ pink couture ~

the perfect bubble bath~ sweet romance ~

the perfect bubble bathAre you a bath person?

What’s your favorite way to relax?

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