A Ladies Only Golf Club!

Ladies' Golf Club of Toronto

Did you know that since 1924, Toronto has been home to a ladies golf club? In fact, the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto is the only private golf club in North America where women have priority access to tee times. Of course, men are more than welcome to join, but it’s always ladies first at this club!

Here are some facts about this historic club:

  • founded by a truly inspirational female golf professional, Ada Mackenzie;
  • located in Thornhill, just 30 minutes from downtown Toronto;
  • unlimited tee times for women;
  • online tee time bookings;
  • welcoming of all skill levels and ages;
  • clinics available for members and non-members;
  • men are welcome too!

Ladies Golf Club of Toronto

We met some of the amazing pros, namely Jaime, Padraig, and Ryan, when they came to visit our booth at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Now, with golf season officially underway in Toronto, we’re excited to be hosting our first trunk show at the club!

On Saturday, April 22nd, Ree will be at the Members’ Opening Tea event, where our new collection will be available for sale.

If you’re in the Toronto area, take the time to check out this club. In fact, they have an open house on Saturday, April 30th! Click here for the details.

Happy golfing!

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