It’s Our First Blogiversary!

Happy Monday everyone! We’re thrilled to be celebrating our first blogiversary here at bump & run! What an amazing year we’ve had! Our very first post went live on November 3, 2013, and we had no idea just how much our lives would change when we hit that “publish” button.

First Blogiversary

We’ve learned a lot over the past year. Design, coding, photography, how to pose for fashion photos, and a lot, lot more! Never again has an event come up where we didn’t think about making it an Instagram moment, or whether we could write a post about it. And we had no idea what an amazing community of like-minded bloggers are out there! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read our posts, enjoy our pictures, and write nice comments. We do this because we love it, but knowing that people actually enjoy what we write is like adding cherries & whipped cream to our sundae!

First Blogiversary

We have no doubt that we will continue to grow and learn new things about blogging and about ourselves. And while we don’t always know what the future will bring, we definitely have a few surprises and announcements in store for you! Stay tuned!

We’ll be celebrating and reminiscing about our first year of blogging with a lovely dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on the island. Since you won’t be able to join us on our trip down memory lane, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite posts from the past twelve months.


hair tutorial: pretty side braid into bun

Pretty Side Braid into Bun

travel chic: holiday edition

Travel Chic - Holiday Edition Collage

breakfast in bed + the perfect french toast

summer french toast

paleo split-pea soup with bacon

paleo split-pea soup

barefoot & minimalist running: learning to run all over again

Barefoot Running

our trip to the pinehurst golf academy

Pinehurst Golf Academy Schedule

How long have you been blogging?

How has blogging changed your life?

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    Congrats on your blogversary! Isn’t blogging awesome? I had know I idea how much fun it was to connect and learn (constantly) from others. Following you via Bloglovin’ and Twitter! Cheers!

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