It’s in the Bag: Travel Edition

It's in the bag - travel editionI think it’s safe to say that I travel a fair bit. I’m not jetting off on business trips three days a week, but living on an island means I have to take a plane to go anywhere. I’ve taken flights as short as 1 hour, and I’ve been on a plane for over 14 hours straight. I’ve definitely figured out what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to my carry-on bag!

If I’m going to be on a super long flight, I usually pack a large purse and a carry-on suitcase. The carry-on has a change of clothes to sleep in and my DSLR camera, while everything else fits into my large purse. For shorter flights, say less than five hours, I skip the carry-on and just bring the large purse. 

the bag

A large, hold-everything tote with a durable finish is my bag of choice. The Louis Vuitton Raspail MM bag has been my go-to for years.

It's in the Bag - Travel Edition

the essentials

Namely my passport, wallet, and iPhone. I can forget everything else, but without these, I’m not going far!


A large, pretty clutch that serves double duty. First as a beauty bag on the plane, and then as a purse at my destination. Kate Spade has great bags for this purpose. Keep an eye out for their 75% off sales to nab one at a great price!

Lip balm, a rich hand cream, a moisturizing face spray, and eye drops all keep me from drying out! I also pack pure shea butter.

Tip: Right before take-off, I apply the shea butter to the inside of my nose, usually with a cotton swab to avoid contaminating the container. It sounds crazy, but it’s incredibly effective at keeping my nose from getting painfully dry on the plane. It also keeps away the germs. Since I’ve done this, I have yet to get a cold while traveling. Try it, you’ll love how much better your nose feels throughout the flight!

For long overnight flights, I also pack face wipes to take off my make-up, and apply a rich moisturizing cream to my face. I like Clinique’s Moisture Surge line, which can be found at most duty free shops for a great price. Before landing, I reapply some basic make-up such as a BB Cream, mascara, and lip gloss (all which need to go in your plastic baggy for security)!

Other standards include hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and hair ties.


I’m always freezing on a plane so I make sure to pack a lightweight travel blanket. On flights where I’ll sleep, I also pack an eye mask.

A healthy snack, a pack of vitamin C powder, and a bottle of water purchased after going through security keep me hydrated and full. If I’m anxious or nervous, I reach for Bach’s Rescue Remedy pastilles in black currant. I have no idea how these work, but they always calm me down.

Finally, I always have a notebook and a pretty pen. You never know when you’ll be hit with a great idea for a blog post, and you always need a pen for those pesky immigration forms!


My iPad is usually my source of entertainment on the plane. I also bring my charger, in the event my flight is delayed. Another must-have item for me are noise-cancelling headphones. I was thrilled when Bose finally made a smaller, in-ear version!

So there it is! All of my airplane essentials.

Do you travel a lot?

What are your must-have items for the plane?



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    I so agree with all your items – especially after living at airports this week! First of all, I want that LV bag so bag!!! My best friend has it and it’s the perfect carry on bag. Second of all, I just started using Clinique moisture surge and it has been a saving grace to my skin lately!

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      Planes are always so cold aren’t they? What’s up with that? I always have a few books stored on my iPad, but I also like to stock up on gossip mags at the airport. That’s great entertainment! 😉

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  4. 7

    So jealous of your packing abilities!! I definitely need to take a page out of your book when we travel next…I am a class one hoarder when it comes to taking a trip, I suddenly feel as though everything I own is an essential item!

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