It’s in the Bag: Tennis Edition

Tennis Essentials

The tennis court is my happy place. I started playing two years ago and fell in love with the sport. It’s a fantastic workout, a great place to meet other like-minded women, and the clothes and accessories are way too fun! While tennis really only requires a racquet and the proper shoes, there are a lot of other little items that I now regularly bring with me when I play.

Tennis Essentials

1. After trying out several different bags (my purse, a gym bag, a small beach bag) I finally found one that works! This Prince tennis tote is not too big, but large enough to hold my racquet (a must), has a ton of pockets, and looks super cute. 

2. I switched to the Head Graphene Speed S racquet a year ago and it’s made a huge difference! It’s slightly heavier than my beginner racquet, which allows me to hit the ball with more top spin.

3. When I discovered Asics tennis shoes, my old Nikes were immediately tossed to the side. A roomy toe-box, fun colors, and great stability make these my favorite shoes.

4. Many players add a vibration dampener to the bottom string of their racquet. It does exactly what you think. It helps reduce the racquet string vibration when you hit the ball. I use this plain one, but they come in tons of quirky designs, including happy faces and Hello Kitty!

5. A good, sweat absorbing towel is a must. I carry several in my bag so I have a clean one for every clinic.

6. Tape, called an overgrip, can be added to the grip of the racquet to make it more comfortable, help absorb sweat, and slightly adjust the grip size. It also keeps the original grip from getting worn and really dirty. Currently, my overgrip tape is bright orange, but I’m loving these patterned ones!

7. I sweat a lot during a game. These Nike wrist bands keep the sweat from dripping down to my hand, and help me quickly wipe my face during a match. I’ve tried a few different brands, but these wash well and come in a ton of colors to match any outfit!

8. I play outside in a very hot and humid climate, so rehydrating is a must. I’ve had this Nalgene water bottle forever. I like a wider mouth on the bottle so I can easily add some Gatorade powder.

9. Don’t forget tennis balls! I’m not picky about which ones I use. I can easily get these ones on the island so that’s what I use!

Tennis anyone?

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