It’s in the Bag: Golf Edition

What's in my golf bagDid you watch the Masters last weekend? It didn’t disappoint and I loved watching Jordan Speith keep his lead over the entire four days and win. He’s only 21 years old! I think it’s going to be very exciting watching him play over the next few years. 

As a golf fan and a golfer, I’m always curious as to what other players have in their golf bag. Their brand of clubs, accessories, and other fun little trinkets that they carry around with them. With so many options available, I never see the same combination of drivers, irons, and putters twice!  

Here’s what’s in my own golf bag:

Golf Bag Essentials

1. Technically a men’s bag, I couldn’t resist the beautiful bright blue color of this PUMA Monoline cart bag

2. I always play with these Callaway Hex Solaire golf balls. They come in white and pink. Since most of my friends play with a white golf ball, I usually play with pink. I like how it stands out and makes my ball easier to spot!

3. A range finder is a must. It tells you how far away the hole is, which helps to determine what club you should use. 

4. I swapped my beginner set of clubs for new ones two years ago. While you can buy an entire set of clubs complete with a matching bag, I wanted more flexibility to pick and choose the driver, irons, and putter that felt right to me. The result was a combination of the Cobra Amp Cell driver, Taylormade Rocketballz for my fairway woods, hybrids, and irons, and the Odyssey Tank Cruiser #7 putter. All of my clubs are designed for women, except for my putter. I prefer the height and weight of the men’s putter and once I added a thicker grip, it was just right!

5. I’ve tried a lot of golf gloves, but I like this one from Nike the best.

6. I often buy a golf towel as a souvenir. I have one from Emirates Stadium in England (go Arsenal!), one from the University of Texas (go Longhorns!), and a souvenir towel from the time my husband played the Royal Household Golf Course at Windsor Castle.

7. A golf club brush is a basic necessity in any golf bag. Mine is super simple and fairly inexpensive, but it does the job.

In addition to my golf bag, I carry a small tote with me to the course. It holds all of my “must-haves” that I don’t want to leave in my golf bag, which is stored at the club house. A girl always needs a stylish bag wherever she goes!

Golf Tote Essentials

1. The Longchamp Le Pliage medium handbag is washable, water resistant, and has a full zipper closure. It’s a durable, yet stylish bag for the golf course and the club house. The one I have is orange, but they have so many options it’s hard to choose!

2. I mark all of my golf balls with this Tin Cup golf ball marker. I love how it reminds me of my sweet little pup while I’m out on the course!

3. If Bre and I want to mix things up, we pull out this deck of cards from Pinehurst. It offers up different games and challenges that keep the game fun!

4. Sometimes I like to write down what club I used for a certain hole, especially as my game continues to evolve, so I always carry a cute little notebook.

5. You need to mark your ball on the green, so why not use something pretty? 

Any plans to try golf this spring? 

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