It’s in the Bag: Golf Edition

Even though it’s golf season year round here in Barbados, many golfers are just at the start of their season. So I thought it’d be a great time to share with you what’s in my golf bag.

It's In the Bag: Golf Edition

Some things I can’t live without and others I have for few occasions, but it all serves a purpose, at least in my golf world it does.

It's In the Bag: Golf Edition

  1. Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 4 Bag – Let’s start with the bag! I think a lightweight bag is best, because you either carry or cart it. Makes the transition between the two pretty easy.
  2. Golf tees – not every club provides them, so best to carry a few with you.
  3. Volvik Golf Balls – I noticed these bright golf balls as last year’s PGA Merchandise Show and grabbed a few boxes. They’re super fun to play with!
  4. Zero Friction Ladies Glove – I have a few of these in my bag. They’re cheap, super comfy, and come in lots of colors.
  5. Rain coat and umbrella – I bought this rain coat before I started playing, and it turned out to be a great addition to my golf bag. It’s super thin and light so I can fold it up easily and always have it on hand for those rainy days. I also always carry along a golf umbrella. You never know when there will be a passing shower.
  6. Nikon COOLSHOT Rangefinder – I love this rangefinder. It’s super easy to use and comes with a slope calculator!
  7. Callaway XR Irons and Hybrids – My golf clubs of choice…
  8. TaylorMade R15 Ladies Driver – And I’m in love with this great big smacker!
  9. Hat Clip with Ball Marker – A hat clip is my favorite way to hold a ball marker. And since there are so many customizable and/or pretty ball markers out there, you’ve got a cool accessory for your hat.
  10. Sharpie and Tin Cup – A cute and easy tool for marking your ball.
  11. Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen – sunscreen needs no explanation, but I like the spray version because it’s easy to apply while I’m on the course. If I’ve been in the sand traps all day, I don’t have to rub in sunscreen over sandy legs.
  12. Golf Rules Pocket Book – For those serious games.
  13. Orange Whip – This is a great warm-up tool. For the driving range or just before you tee off, it helps with synchronization and making sure my hands are slower than my body.

What’s in your golf bag? 

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