When Corien and I started the blog 5 years ago, our goal was to encourage and inspire more women to play more golf. It’s even how the clothing line got started. So when we saw the movement #inviteHER, we were thrilled to see others out there like us!Bump and Run | #inviteher

Led by WE ARE GOLF, a collection of leading golf industry organizations, and the LPGA Women’s Network, #inviteHER focuses on creating an enjoyable, welcoming experience for women interested in trying golf or picking it back up. Group lessons, complimentary clinics, driving range sessions, or on-course experiences, all examples of ways it hopes to achieve this.

They’re committed to creating an environment that makes those new to the game feel more comfortable on the course and revealing the amazing benefits of golf (check them out here).

Interested in helping out, joining the movement, or just learning more? Use #inviteHER and tag:

  • @wearegolf (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram),
  • @LPGAWomen (Twitter), and
  • @LPGAWomensNetwork (Facebook, Instagram)

to join the conversation with the LPGA Women’s Network.

xx Bre

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