How to Throw a Nation Celebration

Being an expat means getting to know people from all over the world. Friends of mine are from Canada, USA, France, England, Switzerland, St. Lucia, Mexico, Sweden, and of course, Barbados. And while our little island celebrates its own Independence Day, it’s still fun to recognize the national celebration days of our various homelands throughout the year. Who knew that moving to a small island in the Caribbean would lead to multiple multi-cultural celebrations!

How to Throw A Nation Celebration

With Canada Day (July 1) and 4th of July celebrations taking place next week, I was thinking about all of the cool ideas that could be incorporated into a nation-themed party! Fun decor, food representing the country, a national cocktail, and perhaps a playlist that consists of nation-specific artists. Of course, if you can hire folks to play dress up and entertain your guests, that’s even more fun!

Nation Celebration~ celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in Barbados (2012) ~

With Canada and US celebrations only days apart, and a shared color scheme, why not host a party celebrating both!?! 

Nation Celebration~ festive decor ~

Nation Celebration~ beautiful thirst quenchers ~

Nation Celebration~ fun food ~

Nation Celebration~ sweet treats ~

Nation Celebration~ adorable crafts for the kids (Canada, US) ~

And for party tunes, check out this Canadian playlist, and this one for the US!

How will you be celebrating your nation this year?

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    I’d like the say I’ll celebrate the extra day off by sleeping in, but that never happens when you have a toddler! I hope the weather is nice! There is a fun run down the street on July 1st that I might join! Other than that, it’s going to beach time and fire works over Lake Ontario!

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