How Golf Can Help Your Career

How Golf Can Help Your Career

We all know that golf and business mix. For years, deals have been made on the golf course, but do you really know why golf is so important for your career?

Today, Jordan Fuller from Golf Influence, is sharing exactly how golf can help you and your career move forward.

In recent years, the interest for golf among ladies has seen a huge increase, especially the millennial ladies. Many female players are realizing how golf can be a great activity with a lot of benefits. The benefits are not solely about health, but can extend to the various aspects of your life. 

Here, we will discuss how being a golfer can help ladies move their life forward. Let us begin with number one.

#1: Golf Events and Tournaments Provide Great Opportunities to Network

Vast network equals vast success. That is an age-old principle that is even more relevant in this global age. Golf has been known as the best sport to enrich your network, proven by the fact that it is one of the most favorite sports for many successful businessmen.

So, how can female players benefit from this fact? There will always be the potential to meet new people and even important ones related to your industry. It is a great time to get e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

In this age of social network, who said real-life networking is not important anymore? 

So, when attending golf events and tournaments, step away from your smartphone and take a break from social media. Focus on real-time engagements and building first impressions to new people. Worst case scenario, you will get a new friend to hang out with, and you will never know when one of them will be your big break. 

#2: Golf as a Serious and Prestigious Sport Will Build Your Image

If you’ve ever been an outsider seeing golf and golfers from the outside, what is your impression about the sport? The most common view about golf as a sport is it is a serious, prestigious sport for the rich and successful people. You can definitely use that conception to your advantage. By playing golf, you can instantly improve your image as a serious person. 

Another aspect you should consider is competitiveness. It is another common knowledge that people with experience in competitive activities like sports have an advantage in job interviews, and we can even argue that the advantage also extends to overall success potential.

Also, arguably the image-enhancing factor is bigger for ladies, due to the fact that there are fewer ladies who play. 

#3: Golf Improves Your Mental Game and Comprehension

Golf is a rather complex sport, yet is also easy to understand. We can almost say that golf is a holy grail of the “easy to learn, hard to master” concept. That fact will have a lot of benefits in your own development as a person: the technical aspect of golf will help you grasp complex problems better, the mental side of golf; patience and concentration will help your mental strength in life.

Studies even suggested that businessmen playing golf usually get ahead, and surely that fact will extend to women. Golf is a fine activity to hone your character: more patient players who remain calm under pressure get ahead in the game, golf teaches us to think strategically and never lose our temper. Those are all useful virtues not only in business but also in life.

#4: Golf Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle 

Why is golf so popular among busy people? 

One of the key qualities is that even though a game can last four hours, you only spend a small portion hitting the ball. The rest? You can relax, enjoy the landscapes, and build networks (Yes, it is also a good opportunity to enjoy a drink outdoors). 

Yet, even with the relaxed atmosphere, you actually burn a lot of calories walking between holes as well as hitting the ball itself. So, golf is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without adding too much headache to your already stressful life. 

Compare it to other sports activities such as spinning class or yoga. Yes, they are beneficial as well, but you won’t get the same opportunity to enjoy relaxed landscape atmosphere while still getting health benefits.

It is also a good way to show your peers that you are full of life, and are willing to engage in a serious, healthy activity. 

The Bottom Line

Golf is a beautiful activity that can help women improve in life, business, and health. Let’s get more women to play more golf!

Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who has fallen in love with golf ever since he was a toddler. He’s then dedicated his life to golf, by helping beginner players learn the tips and tricks of golf. He’s hit the green for more than 25 years now and is always ready to help younger players improve their game.

How has golf helped you? Share your story in the comments section!

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