Hair Tutorial: Pretty Side Braid into Bun


Fashion FridaysI think braids are so pretty and elegant. There are so many options, and with the summer and it’s horrid humidity just around the corner, simple updos can be quite the time saver and will always put an end to a bad hair day. This pretty side braid into a bun is one of my favorites and, because I’ve been asked a few times how it’s done, I’m happy to share it with you today.

Pretty Side Braid into Bun

It looks a lot harder than it is, really, I promise. Once you’ve mastered the french braid on your own head, it really only takes a few minutes. Here’s how it’s done:

Pretty Side Braid

Begin by hairspraying your entire hairline, including near your neck hairline. This will add texture to your hair (making it easier to grip), volume, and will help secure flyaways. Let dry.

Pretty Side Braid

Part hair to your favorite side and begin french braid heading away from the part. Keep the braid as close to your hairline as possible by gathering hair from on top of your head and pulling the braid toward your face.

Pretty Side Braid

Gather hair along the part first (left: notice it doesn’t have to be perfect). Then once you’ve reached around the back of your ear, gather hair from the opposite side of your part. As you reach the nape of your neck, begin braiding toward the opposite side of your head.

Pretty Side Braid

Once you’ve completed the braid and have neared the bottom corner of the nape of your neck, put in an elastic and tease the pony tail.

Pretty Side Bun

Pin the pony tail into a messy bun and pull the top of the braid to loosen slightly and add height. 

Final Braid

Make any final adjustments and, voila, you’re done!

Pretty Side Braid What’s your favorite summer updo?





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      Believe it or not, my hair is curly as well and this still works well. The texture from the curls adds to and makes it a really beautiful look. Thanks for stopping by!

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