Golf Academy Recap at the Absolutely Magnificent Pinehurst Resort – Part I

Pinehurst, North Carolina is home to one the most amazing golf course communities in the world, and we were so incredibly lucky to experience it last weekend. We met and befriended a wonderful couple during our visit who recently moved within blocks of the resort’s clubhouse and they described it perfectly. They said, “Pinehurst is magical.” Although we were there specifically to work on our golf game, we did so much more! We met the most amazing people, ate at fantastic restaurants, soaked up the gorgeous spring weather, and experienced a community worth returning for.

And because we had such a phenomenal time, we really wanted to share it with you. Here’s a look at the first part of our fabulous trip:

day one

Spicy chicken sandwiches at Miami airport were the perfect start to a ladies’ weekend. “Wendy’s, it’s been toooooo long!”

Wendys Sandwiches

Then we had to, just had to, get ourselves some margaritas!


So what was the craziest thing to happen on day one? When we arrived at Miami airport, the immigration officer after asking what we were planning to do in Pinehurst asked, “And your husbands are okay with you golfing?” Really?! Perhaps he was surprised our husbands even let us out of the house? Can you sense the sarcasm?

Anyway, it was a very long day traveling with waking up at 4am and not getting to the hotel until 9:30pm. Somehow we managed to survive (a few drinks later) and were soundly sleeping by 10:30.

day two

We woke up refreshed (actually more zombie-like from the day before) and ready to take on our first day in Pinehurst. Bre was able to get in a 5 mile run, which she described as “heavenly.” And then we began with a magnificent buffet breakfast in our hotel. Oh, the choices!!!! Real bacon, apple sausage, french toast, banana pancakes, real maple syrup, and never-ending coffee!!! We were in paradise already.

Pinehurst Breakfast

Apparently though after our glutinous breakfast our waiter gave Ree a subtle hint that maybe she went a bit overboard.  Our receipt said “Doughy” instead of “Doughty”! LMAO! Ree said, “perhaps I shouldn’t have had that last piece of french toast?” And, of course, Bre died laughing! Yes, “Doughy” came up several times during the trip!


After breakfast we registered for the golf academy, met Sue (the academy organizer) who is so incredibly nice, and stopped by the pro shop. So it looks like a lot…okay, okay it is a lot, but insert #expatliving and you’ll completely understand why sometimes we tend to really go all out at the first sight of a proper store.

Pinehurst Golf Shop Buys

After we walked over to the Pinehurst Village and browsed around the beautiful boutique shops. Just stunning!

Boutique Shopping

And Bre found some of her favorite lotion by Love & Toast.

Love and ToastAfter a very exhausting morning shopping and exploring the village, we headed back to our room, rested our feet, and prepared for our first tee time.

Pinehurst Resort

Ree (left) and Bre (right)

Pinehurst has 8 golf courses. Yes, 8! So when we arrived at the clubhouse, we were a little intimidated and quite nervous. It’s like Disney World for golfers. Rows and rows of fairways, several practice areas, even more spectator areas, and lots and lots of people. However, once we teed off and got through the first hole, which is always the toughest, the nerves subsided and we were on our way!

Pinehurst No 5

Ree on Pinehurst No. 5

Pinehurst No 5

Bre on Pinehurst No. 5

It is a gorgeous course and we had an unbelievable time. Bre was even over the moon that they had Amstel Light – IN A CAN! There are three beers in Barbados, so the variety from the beverage cart simply made our day! The nice beverage cart woman even asked for ID and said she thought we were in our twenties! So sweet!

Pinehurst No 5

Needless to say, we had a wonderful first couple days on our trip. Be sure to check out Wednesday’s post for the second half of our trip. It was a blast!

Pinehurst Resort

How was your weekend and Easter?

b & r


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