Girl’s Golf Tip #276: Lighten Up!

Girls Golf Tip Lighten Up

Today we’re sharing one of our favorite golf tips. Maybe you’ve heard it before? We’re going to chat about it anyway, because it’s often forgotten and could single-handedly change your game.

When we were first learning how to golf, we had a fear that we would let go of the club during our swing. After seeing someone else do just that at a driving range, we made sure to hold onto that club for dear life! Now that we’re more experienced golfers, we realize that we haven’t quite let go of this bad habit. 

Technically speaking, too much tension in your hands will tighten up your wrists, forearms, and shoulders, limiting your backswing. In turn, this affects the rhythm of your swing, as well as your accuracy. The club face will not hit the ball properly and you’ll be hitting the ball every which way, but straight. A too tight grip also slows down your swing speed, meaning less distance. No golfer wants that!

So here’s our tip: lighten up!

Maybe liken it to holding a super cute, baby bird. You don’t want to squeeze the little bird too hard, but you need to hold it firm enough so it doesn’t fly away.  If birds aren’t your thing, pretend your holding a tube of toothpaste without the cap.  Keep the grip firm enough so you don’t drop it, but light enough so you don’t squeeze toothpaste all over the place. I promise, you won’t let go of your club, and the ball will fly straighter and longer.

Now get out there, grip it (lightly), and rip it!


Are you golfing this weekend?

What’s your golf tip? Share in the comments below!

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