Five Things

It’s been far too long since we’ve written a Five Things, let alone any post on the blog. Sorry for that! With the end of summer quickly approaching and finally feeling like I can catch my breath, I wanted to come back with one of my favorite posts: Five Things…I’ve been up to lately;)

This summer I’ve been in my beloved DC with my mom, two little ones, and the occasional visitor (the Mr. left this week after a fun 10-day vacay). I’ve seen best friends, a baseball game, a Cirque du Soleil show, an Eagles concert 💕, and Theodore Roosevelt Island for the first time; I’ve hit the shops pretty hard scrambling for school supplies, but splurging for a few new golf clubs for myself; and I’ve drank copious amounts of wine and eaten at way too many restaurants. And the summer’s not even over!

For the me, the countdown of when the kids go back to school (my 3 year old starting preschool…sniff, sniff) has officially begun. However, it’ll be sad to say goodbye to summer; so just to make sure we go out with a bang, it’s off to Busch Gardens next week (thank goodness for end of summer discounts!) for some rides and just a bit more junk food. 

Bump & Run | Eagles Concert

~Her very 1st concert and my 1st time seeing the Eagles ~

Bump & Run | Georgetown

~ Georgetown in the distance ~

Bump & Run | Spiders or Lobster

~ He thinks it’s spiders, we call it lobster ~

Bump & Run | Teddy Island

~ Teddy Island in DC ~

Bump & Run | Bike Rider

~ Highlight of the summer? She became a bike rider! ~

Hope you’re having a fab summer too!


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