Five Things

2 more sleeps! Can you believe it?!? This is my favorite time of year and the first Christmas I’m spending with my family in six years. We have lots of driving to do, dinners to eat, and Champagne to drink, and I’m looking forward to every single second of it!

Five Things - Distillery Market~ a cold night in the distillery district ~

The Mr. and I have been busy this month and it does feel like the holidays have snuck up on us. We were in New Orleans two weeks ago, and since we’ve been back, we’ve been trying to enjoy all of the holiday festivities the city has to offer.Five Things - St. Anthony Garden

~ st. anthony garden in new orleans ~

Five Things - Corner Tree

~ city sidewalks ~

Five Things - Union Market

~ shop local ~ 

 Five Things - New Tradition

~ a new tradition calls for a new skirt ~

Christmas Eve we’ll keep to tradition and exchange one gift (always new pj’s), snuggle in with a Christmas movie, and try to wait up for the man in red.

Happy Holidays!

Are you traveling for the holidays?

What are your holiday traditions?

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