Five Things

I am so excited for the next two weeks. We just arrived in Telluride, CO, will be here for the next week, and then off to NYC for the holidays. I absolutely adore Telluride already, and the only activities we’ve done so far are dog sledding (amazing!!!) and snowmobiling. 

Five Things Let It Snow

~ let it snow ~

We have a full schedule ahead of us and I simply can’t wait. Farm-to-table dinners, skiing, ice skating, playing in the snow, family visits, NYC shopping, I’m in love!

Five Things Baby's First Cut~ baby’s first cut ~

Five Things Santa Portrait

~ santa portrait ~

Five Things All I Want For Christmas

~ all I want for Christmas… ~

Five Things Let the Wrapping Begin

~ let the wrapping begin ~ 

Where are you headed for the holidays? Favorite spots in Telluride?

Happy Friday!

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