Five Things

One of the things I miss most about New York City is the seasons. I enjoy the change – the springtime flowers, falling autumn leaves, the first winter snow fall. Right now though, I’m looking forward to getting back to Barbados. It’s surprising to hear me say that, because usually I wish for more time away. But not now. Right now I just want to be warm! I’m in DC in the middle of winter and it’s freezing! My body is most certainly acclimated to island weather, which means I’m basically cold all the time! Want to know how pathetic I am? I go into the bathroom with a space heater to nurse. Seriously, the space heater is my new best friend=)

I just drew Gwyneth a bath and it looked so, so tempting. I think I’ll be making myself a bath this evening. TGIF!

Five Things - Siblings

~ sibling love ~

Five Things - Flowers

~ gorgeous new baby has arrived bouquet ~

Five Things - Gwyneth

~ silly girl playing baby ~

Five Things - Baby Toes

~ baby toes ~

Five Things - Sweet Frog

~ even though I’m freezing, frozen yogurt is always a good idea ~

Happy Friday!

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    When I lived in Florida, people would always joke about your ‘blood thinning.’ I don’t know if that’s scientific or not but there is some truth to it! When I moved back to Georgia after several Florida winters, I was in a bit of shock. Stay warm!!

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    I love this post and I understand what you are saying. Five years ago I lost 50 pounds, and am now the correct weight for my height, thanks to WW and yoga. That said I am ALWAYS cold. Smaller yet colder. Live in the midwest too, doesn’t help! We used to have a home on the Island of Ambergris Cayes in Belize and I was warm when we lived there. Come on summer 🙂 Congratulations on such a beautiful baby, and family… Oh and love that you are a moxie sidekick too.

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