Five Things

Guess who won their first running award? My time – 2:04:16.

Half Marathon Award

~ third place!!!! ~

I know, it probably seems rather remarkable that I won a 3rd place prize for a half marathon, but let me paint a more accurate picture for you. First, I won 3rd place among the women runners (the first place male runner had a time of 1:18), and second, there were only 7 of us ladies running. I think about 40 people ran the race in total. I’m not discounting the award, because, believe me, I’m over the moon that I won something (especially in a half!); but had it been even a slightly bigger race, I have no doubt there would have been at least a few who run faster than me. In fact, I saw the list of women runners from last year’s race…so glad none of them decided to show up;)

Anyway, I’m thrilled that I participated in this race, relieved I finished with a good time, and ecstatic that I placed 3rd!

New Favorite Energy Gel

~ my new favorite running gel and what I used for the half ~

Hard Core Golfer

~ hardcore mini golfer ~

Gorgeous Lighting

~ gorgeous lighting ~

Child's Sketch Pad

~ a child’s sketch pad ~

What are your plans this weekend? 

Happy Friday!

Bre Signature Glitter


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