Five Things

Happy New Year! I hope your NYE was spectacular! While I’m sad to see the holiday season come to an end, I am grateful for being back to routine. All of the wining and dining certainly caught up with me and it feels good to be back on the tennis court and in the gym.

Five Things

~ first margarita of 2016 at our favorite Mexican restaurant ~

I normally pack away our seasonal decorations on New Year’s Day, but this year I’ve been lazy and they’re still up. That’s my task for this weekend! Happy Friday!

Five Things

~ paper stars ~

Five Things

~ a new fragrance for a new year ~

Five Things

~ the prettiest tequila bottle ~

Five Things

~ memories from walks on the beach ~

Are your holiday items all packed away?

Are you happy to be back in a routine?

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    Hey Ree, the answers to your questions are 1) certainly not and 2) I’d love to but we’ll see how that goes. That margarita looks heavenly, one of my favorite drinks! Have a great weekend!

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