Five Things

Have you ever owned something that you just couldn’t let go of no matter how cruddy or pathetic it looked? Like an old t-shirt from college or a childhood blanket? I used to own a pair of pajamas that I had for 17 years! I bought them in high school, they were so incredibly comfortable, and I looooved them! I only recently got rid of them a few months ago, and it was very sad. I suppose when it almost looks like there are more holes than there is fabric, perhaps it’s a good time to let it go?

Well, that’s where I am with my poor, pathetic, $10 golf glove.

five things

~ time to let go ~

I love her. I don’t want to let her go. I tried another golf glove two weeks ago, and it gave me a blister after a couple uses. This purple little glove, although I’ve only owned her for about 9 months, has been so good to me. She’s so comfy and on the flip side really doesn’t look that bad. But I guess it’s time. I’ve just ordered three more like her, but new of course and in various colors. So farewell my darling, I will miss you.

Now on with summer fun. It’s Friday and a long weekend, so enjoy!

Five Things

~ beach boutique shopping ~

five things ~ little dancer ~

five things

~ an unplayable lie, but nestled so nicely next to the pretty flower ~

five things

~ I love a red door ~

Do you have anything you haven’t been able to throw away? What are your plans this weekend?

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    Is it strange that I have a thing for colored doors? My daughter was a dancer for years. I remember the first time she performed she cried on stage and didn’t move. Then, a word or 2 from her teacher and she loved performing for years to come. I’m a big throw-awayer of stuff.

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    Oh, I wouldn’t let go of my things until they’re all worn out or tattered. Hah! Especially if they have sentimental value. They’ll land in my box if I won’t be wearing or using them. 😛

    I love that red door.

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      When my husband and I found out I was pregnant with my son, we spent every weekend purging and getting rid of my daughter’s old stuff. It was awesome!!!! The house seems so empty now;)

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    I find it hard to get rid of cards, notes or little mementos. I still have birthday cards sent to me when I was seven years old. I have my old report books from Primary School! I also kept lots of little things from my time in London…ticket stubs, bus passes and even my job timetable. I made a scrapbook with all of it. At the time, I thought it was silly to keep those things, but now any time I look at my scrap book I remember those days fondly.

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