Five Simple Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips for the Beginner

When you’re new to golf, the entire game can be overwhelming. Instructors, friends, partners, and even strangers, offer up advice on how to perfect your swing and hit the ball better.

We’ve been there. In fact, we didn’t want to hit the ball better. We just wanted to hit the ball!

Then there’s the equipment. What should you buy? What types of clubs do you need? Today, our friend Matthew from is simplifying everything, and sharing five of his tips for all of you who are new to golf.

1. Learn About the Clubs First

Please do not just go ahead and buy the latest iron you can find either on the internet or in store – you’re just a beginner, yet! Your focus should be on learning the rules and skills of the game instead of stacking up on fancy game equipment. To begin with, curtail your expenses and do not buy the fancy club you’re already drooling over. Buying should not be a priority unless you have played for a while and are sure of the fact that this game is for you. You need to be looking at golf clubs for beginners to get yourself started.

2. Try Before you Buy

It is easy to assume what your preference in golf clubs might be, however, it may not necessarily suit your style and requirements. Go to a proper golf equipment shop and ask for a regular-flex and stiff-flex shaft. One of these two options will work out for you and you can begin with your practice. Try a club-fitting once you get more serious about the game.

3. Check the Loft

I’d recommend you look for drivers that have roughly 10 degrees of loft or more, and opt for fairway woods that start at 17 degrees instead of 15. You wouldn’t consider getting a club with more lofts if you have been a player of stick and ball games, because that would mean you have the requisite athletic skills. But if not, always opt for the extra loft club.

4. Beginner Kits are Best

Since you are beginning at this game, I see no point in you investing at high-end golf kits. You are not even sure yet if you are going to pursue the game, so there is no point spending a fortune on it. Make sure that you look at Golf Equipment Reviews before buying anything to ensure you have the best equipment you can. For beginners, the golf iron must have a wider sole because this would not let the iron stick in the ground if you hit too far from behind. With more weight stocked in the iron, the ball leaves at a better and higher trajectory. Generally your irons should have a sole of about the length of two finger, if a sole is the length of one finger you’ll end up failing miserably at least in the beginning. If you want to browse best iron for new golf irons, click the link.

5. Don’t Lose Hope

If it looks really difficult and undoable, realize that it should. Realize that you have just started out and it takes time for a skill to develop. You’ll end up on the higher end of skill soon enough.

Matthew is a sports coach and a golf expert. He loves playing golf and believes it is the king of all sports. He regularly posts at

Great tips, thanks Matthew!

Are you new to golf? What tips would you pass along to another newbie?

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