Duke of Edinburgh Golf Tournament

DoE signI have some exciting news! Two weeks ago, my husband participated in the annual Duke of Edinburgh golf tournament held at the Sandy Lane Resort here in Barbados. He didn’t win, but he came a very close second (by one point!) missing the winning putt by just a few inches. Ah…such is the game of golf. I’m incredibly proud though of his second place finish. And I’m very impressed that he did so well under the pressure of HRH Prince Edward actually watching him make his last putt. Crazy right? But the second place isn’t the exciting news. The cool part is the trip to England he wins to play in the World Finals in October! And the even better part is that I get to go with him=)

I must confess, this won’t be our first time to the World Finals. In 2012 my husband actually won the local tournament (have I mentioned that he’s a pretty decent golfer?) and we went to Windsor, England where he competed against players from all over the world. Unfortunately, I was just learning how to play golf back then, and unable to join him on the three remarkable courses that he played. I was, however, able to walk with him while he played one very, very cool course. The invitation-only Royal Household Golf Course on the grounds of Windsor Castle. While it’s not the prettiest course I’ve ever been on, it’s incredibly special. 

My husband lining up a putt at the 2012 finals in England

My husband lining up a putt at the 2012 finals in England

This time around, I am more determined than ever to be able to join him and actually play. How many more opportunities am I going to get to play the Royal Household course? Not many, I would imagine!

In 2012 I was only a spectator

In 2012 I was only a spectator (that’s me in the sunglasses).

With two years of golf under my belt, you would think my game would be pretty good, right? Well, yes and no. I’ve certainly improved since the first time I swung a club, but I’m still not consistent. I can hit a beautiful, straight drive on one hole, and completely tank the next one. Or worse, I top the ball in the middle of the fairway and it dribbles only a few feet. Golf is such a frustrating sport to learn, but I’m on a mission now! 

I have seven months to practice and train. It may sound like a lot, but golf has a HUGE learning curve, so that’s not really a lot of time. If I consider days lost to rain, travel, guests, and life in general, I get stressed out from the pressure I’m putting on myself! I’m also recovering from a pretty severe piriformis injury, which directly impacts my golf swing. I have a lot of work to do, but I’m up to the challenge!

Now, aside from dramatically improving my golf game, I have another, even more pressing challenge. Finding the perfect dress to wear for a dinner with a Prince at Windsor Castle. The last time, I totally lucked out and found the perfect dress at Macy’s. It was the right price, the right color, and it fit without any alterations. How lucky was that? I’m hoping the fashion gods smile on me again this time around. Living on an island does not afford a lot of opportunities to shop, so I usually have one, maybe two, opportunities to get to North America and find a dress. No pressure! 

My handsome Mr. and I at Windsor Castle, 2012

My handsome Mr. and I at Windsor Castle, 2012

Wish me luck! I’ll definitely keep you posted on both the hunt for the perfect dress, and my golf game as time goes by.

Have you played in any golf tournaments?

Aside from your wedding, what’s the best event you’ve ever had to find a dress for?




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