Cold Weather Golfing: Drills for the Driving Range

Has it snowed where you live yet? Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and watch a morning show from Toronto, Ontario. Last week I saw that dreaded little snowflake icon in the forecast! That’s crazy! Of course, the weather on our little island only gets better between November and May, but that didn’t stop me from wondering how I would handle the cold weather when I eventually have to move back north. A day which I am seriously not looking forward to, by the way. Who wants to trade-in palm trees and sand, for slush and snow?

Drills for the Driving Range

Then I wondered, what would happen to my golf game if I didn’t play for months? I’ve only ever played golf in the Caribbean, and the idea of not being able to play for an entire season is terrifying. I can really notice a difference in my game when I don’t play for a few weeks. I can only imagine how bad I would be the following spring after not playing for months!

Apes Hill Golf Course

The answer? Find a covered, heated, and/or indoor driving range and get there regularly. While the best way to practice golf is on the course, the driving range can be a great alternative when the snow starts to fly. The key is to practice with intent. Like any workout, you want to spend your time wisely. Sure, you can go to the gym and bang out a mindless workout. You can also go to the driving range and just hit a bunch of balls. However, if your aim is to improve, either your physique or your golf game, you need a plan of action. 

Pinehurst Golf School

When Bre and I attended the golf academy at Pinehurst earlier this year (pictured above), we walked away with a lot of purchases. We never waste an opportunity to shop! However, the best item we brought home was actually free. It was a deck of playing cards. That’s right, a deck of cards was one of our favorite take aways from golf school. Why? Because these aren’t your ordinary cards.

Each card contains a tip or drill for improving your golf game. Some are for on-course play, and others are for the driving range, but all of them are challenging and a lot of fun! Next week we’ve chosen a card that challenges us to play 9-holes while only using 6 clubs. It’s a great way to mix up your game, and bring some more fun into the sport!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite driving range drills with you. Practiced regularly, you’ll not only keep your golf game in tact during the off season, you’ll likely improve it! And you’ll have fun while doing it!

Golf Driving Range Drills

the rules

Depending on your skill level, repeat each drill until you reach a set number of acceptable shots. For example, four decent shots for level 1, seven  for level 2, ten for level 3, etc. To make it even more challenging, start over if you haven’t reached your target before hitting a bad shot.

drill #1

Starting with your shortest club, hit each club only once, always picking a target. Do this trying to hit a set number of solid and acceptable shots, as close to your target as possible.

drill #2

Using your club of choice for 100 yards, hit 3 shots to 100 yards, then 80 yards, and lastly 60 yards. Hit a set number of solid and acceptable shots within 20 feet of your target.

drill #3

Imagine a 30-yard wide fairway. Hit 14 tee shots trying to hit the fairway a set number of times.

And even if you can still golf in the winter where you live, it never hurts to sharpen up your skills while everyone else is hiding out from old man winter! Check out this heated driving range in Minnesota! Now they are dedicated golfers!

Outdoor winter driving range

Snow – love it or hate it?

Do you maintain the same workout routine in the winter? Or do you switch it up?

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      Lol Janelle! I can see how golf would do that to someone. It takes a lot of practice for sure! Go with some fun friends, that always guarantees a great time, even if your game isn’t that good!

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    • 10

      I would love to move to Pinehurst! It’s such a beautiful place. It’s never too late to learn how to golf. It’s a sport you can play well into your 80’s, so there’s tons of time to learn 🙂 Go for it!

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    I think it is so much harder to keep up the same workout routine when you add snow to the mix. Not only because it’s cold and inconvenient, but you have to add so many more layers of clothes!!
    I love the playing card idea. I just learned of something similar with a gym workout routine. Definitely keeps things interesting!! #wowlinkup

    • 14

      You’re so right Lara! Having to bundle up makes it much harder to keep up the same routine. I love the idea of using similar cards for a gym workout. That’s a great idea! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. 15

    I try to keep up my routine in the winter, at least the gym will be heated in the winter. I do love the snow…but not after it piles up and gets all slushy. Happy Saturday Sharefest

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