Change is in the Air

To me, spring has always represented a time of renewal. The snow is gone, the sun is shining, and there’s a strong desire to start fresh. There’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning after all! This year, my spring renewal will be slightly more epic than years past. Why? Because next month, my expat days are coming to an end and I’ll be leaving Barbados after 5 1/2 years. I’m moving back to Canada! More specifically, I’m moving to Toronto!


~ my new city! ~

While I’m incredibly sad to be leaving the amazing friends and life I have on the island, it’s time for the Mr. and I to move on. I’ve never actually lived in Toronto so it will be a new experience, one that I’m really excited about! It will be corn fields instead of sugar cane fields, and pine trees instead of palm trees for me going forward!

Of course, that doesn’t mean this blog or our apparel line is going anywhere! Bre and I will continue to work on both as diligently as we have been. It just means that we’ll be spending our days working over FaceTime and not in person. Modern technology is a wonderful thing!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram account as I start to document everything that an amazing city like Toronto has to offer! I can’t wait!

Have you ever moved to a new city? How about a new country?

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    Oh wow! I find the idea of moving to a new country bittersweet. It’s exciting, but sad at the same time. I moved to England about twelve years ago. Lived their for two years. It was everything Trinidad wasn’t and it was tough getting used to, but I soon got the hang of it and loved it. Returning to Trinidad was truly a bittersweet moment.

    Very best of luck.

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      Thanks Tami! Bittersweet is the best term to describe it. I’m excited to be going back home, but also sad to leave the amazing friends and life I’ve made in Barbados!

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