Scrapbook: Nashville

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to join the Mr. on one of his business trips to Nashville. Growing up in a small, rural community means I’m a country girl at heart. Nashville has always been on my travel bucket list, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

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Scrapbook: Colorado

It’s 2015 and I’m crazy excited for the new year! Gwyneth’s baby brother arrives in eight weeks, Ree and I have a few things planned for the blog, and as with every year there are bound to be a few of life’s fun surprises in store.

However, leaving behind 2014 is a bit bittersweet. I’m definitely happy to see what 2015 brings, but sad to see another year go by so quickly. So what better way to end 2014 than by  spending 8 days in Colorado? To say it was absolutely amazing, wouldn’t be nearly enough to do it justice.

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Scrapbook: Amsterdam

Dutch wooden shoeAs an adult, spending time with family has become much more important to me. So when my husband told me he had to go to England for a golf tournament, I decided to take advantage of the fact that we were already in Europe, and booked a quick detour to Holland. My parents immigrated from Holland, and I have a lot of family that still lives there. And while I was there two years ago with my mom and brother, my husband has never been. It was a perfect opportunity for him to meet some of my family and experience a country that means so much to me.

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Scrapbook: The Shenandoah Valley

I hope everyone enjoyed the last holiday weekend of the summer…sniff, sniff!

Shenandoah Valley

At one of our favorite beach bars. Can you spot the moon?

For me, yesterday was officially the end of summer, because today Gwyneth started school. She’s starting Kindergarten and she’s getting so big!!! I’ll admit though it wasn’t a terribly sad morning, because she went to the same school last year for pre-school. So today is really about getting back into routine. And who doesn’t love routine when you’ve got kids;) Read More…

Scrapbook: Virginia / Washington, DC

If you read Bre’s post last week about her trip to Bahamas and Miami, you would know that after the sun and surf, she went to DC to visit her parents. Since I was going to be off island visiting Canada at the same time, we figured it would be fun to meet up in DC for a few days to enjoy some golf, and of course, lots of shopping!

While shopping was a priority, the first item on the agenda was a round of golf. It’s only the second time I’ve played on a public golf course and outside of Barbados. Learning to golf in the Caribbean has left me very spoiled, and I think my standards are way too high now! We decided to play at Greendale Golf Course, and since neither one of us brought our clubs we had to rent some. While the golf course was nice, I can’t say the same about the rental clubs. My driver actually had a dent in it! I blame the lousy clubs for my lousy game that day 😉 Despite my horrible game of golf, we had a ton of fun. 

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Scrapbook: Bahamas / Miami

BeachDid you know that there are thousands of islands that make up the Caribbean? I definitely didn’t realize! After living in the Caribbean for over eight years, you’d think I would have done a ton of island hopping and seen at least several of those thousand islands. Well, while my husband and I do love the occasional day at the beach, I have to admit that neither of us are really “beach” people. Crazy, right?! So to us, we’ve never felt the need to visit the other islands. We’ve always viewed it as, “why spend the money to visit other beaches when we have one five minutes from our home?” Plus, if we’re going to get on a plane, which is a must if we want to go anywhere, we’d rather go some place a little different than where we currently live. I know that sounds ridiculous to most, but if you happen to be a mountain person, like we are, you might understand.  Read More…