It’s in the Bag: Golf Edition

What's in my golf bagDid you watch the Masters last weekend? It didn’t disappoint and I loved watching Jordan Speith keep his lead over the entire four days and win. He’s only 21 years old! I think it’s going to be very exciting watching him play over the next few years. 

As a golf fan and a golfer, I’m always curious as to what other players have in their golf bag. Their brand of clubs, accessories, and other fun little trinkets that they carry around with them. With so many options available, I never see the same combination of drivers, irons, and putters twice!   Read More…

It’s in the Bag: Tennis Edition

Tennis Essentials

The tennis court is my happy place. I started playing two years ago and fell in love with the sport. It’s a fantastic workout, a great place to meet other like-minded women, and the clothes and accessories are way too fun! While tennis really only requires a racquet and the proper shoes, there are a lot of other little items that I now regularly bring with me when I play. Read More…

It’s in the Bag: Travel Edition

It's in the bag - travel editionI think it’s safe to say that I travel a fair bit. I’m not jetting off on business trips three days a week, but living on an island means I have to take a plane to go anywhere. I’ve taken flights as short as 1 hour, and I’ve been on a plane for over 14 hours straight. I’ve definitely figured out what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to my carry-on bag!

If I’m going to be on a super long flight, I usually pack a large purse and a carry-on suitcase. The carry-on has a change of clothes to sleep in and my DSLR camera, while everything else fits into my large purse. For shorter flights, say less than five hours, I skip the carry-on and just bring the large purse. 

Read More…