Trendspotting: Tea Sommeliers

Last week I watched an amazing documentary called Somm. It follows a small group of wine experts who are studying to reach Master Sommelier status. Not an easy feat considering there are less than 200 in the world! The Mr. loves to pair wine with food and he’s admittedly quite good at it, but these guys take it to another level entirely!

Of course, we’ve all heard of pairing wine with food, but did you know that there’s a new trend happening that replaces wine with tea?!? Yup, tea sommeliers are now a thing! Who knew?

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The Best Bacon Mac & Cheese

Did you get snowed in this past weekend? While it was beautiful weather in my neck of the woods, all of those wintery pics on my Instagram feed had me wishing for cold weather! I remember how nice it was to stay warm and cozy indoors and indulge in a big bowl of comfort food. For me, that means a heaping portion of homemade macaroni and cheese. Toss in some bacon, and I’m in heaven!

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Healthy Harvest Squares

This week marks the end of my six week yoga for beginners course. While I had done some yoga in the past, it had been at least a year since I hit the mat, and I wanted to start over with a strong foundation (tips for new yogis can be found here). I’m absolutely loving it, and while I’m sad my course is almost over, I’m excited to start a new class and continue on with my yoga journey.

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Whole 30 Green Thai Curry

A few months ago I read a great book called It Starts With Food. Using a meal plan called the Whole 30, it’s a lifestyle of eating designed to reach optimal health, reduce inflammation in the body, and increase energy levels by eating real, unprocessed food. It’s quite a simple concept and something that I was really intrigued by. While I ultimately decided that I wasn’t ready to follow the entire Whole 30 plan, I did commit to eating fresh, natural food, more often.
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Braving the Storm + Hurricane Recipe

By the time the Mr. and I arrived in the Cayman Islands in 2006, it had become a well-oiled (always-ready-for-a-hurricane) machine. After Category 5 Ivan devastated the island in 2004, the residents and businesses were quick to board up their homes and buildings for each and every storm. It was pretty remarkable to see. So out of concern in our first year on the island, we had decided to evacuate with every storm, regardless of its category level.

Well, after a couple unnecessary flights fleeing off to the Bahamas or Miami, we decided “okay, cat 3 or higher, we’ll leave.”

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National S’mores Day Recipe Round Up

Monday, August 10th is National S’Mores Day! Doesn’t that sound delicious? I can’t think of a better start to the week than that! Of course, when I think of s’mores, I immediately think of summer nights spent around a campfire. There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire and roasting a marshmallow to perfection. I always liked mine a little bit burnt, but that’s a matter of personal taste =)

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Guest Post: Why You Should Be Using Cast Iron Cookware

Today we’re welcoming a special guest, Doug, to the blog! We both have our own cast iron pieces in our kitchens (Bre loves her Dutch oven, and Ree can’t get enough of her skillet), but had no idea the versatility they offer. So Doug, who’s a bit of an expert on the subject, has kindly put together this post full of tips and info all on cast iron. Thanks so much Doug!!!

Doug blogs at The Kitchen Professor, and while his degree is honorary (bestowed upon him by his wife), he has enjoyed cooking his whole life, and especially likes the science of cooking. He is partial to cast iron, barbecuing (especially with a smoker), and loves eating at as many restaurants as he can to try new things.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should definitely have at least one piece of cast iron. It is versatile, has health benefits, and, in my house, is an essential piece of cookware.

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