How to Survive the Long Run

Thursday was my longest run for my marathon training. I can’t tell you how excited I am that it is over!

How to Survive the Long Run

It was kind of a tough run, because several thunderstorms were passing through that morning. I ran almost the entire thing in the pouring down rain, which I’ll admit isn’t all that terrible considering the heat we’ve been having, but the lightning kind of freaked me out. Can you imagine getting struck by lightning?!? There goes all that training!!!!

So I found this underpass and ran circles underneath it every time I saw lightning nearby. It was a four hour run and that portion took up about an hour of my run=( UGH! Imagine running circles around your bedroom…that’s kind of what it was like. The sad part was that my watch couldn’t get a signal while I was in the underpass, so a good part of my run was not recorded. If you’ve ever done a long run, I know you understand my pain. Read More…

5K Recap

This past weekend was crazy! Friday was low-key with a wonderful homemade chicken parm dinner made by my husband. But then Saturday we had an early golf lesson for Gwyneth, followed by her first Taekwondo lesson (seriously CUTE!), lunch with friends, stopped by a children’s fair, and finished off the day with a night out with friends. We didn’t roll into bed until almost 2am! THEN Sunday we tried to sleep in in the morning, but two kids eager to start the day put an end to that dream quickly. So we were up at 7:30, packed a few boxes (our move is 10 days away), and then headed off to the Barbados 5K Globeathon race. 

It poured all day Sunday, which I was thrilled about because I love running in the rain and it has been particularly hot in Barbados this summer. But as our luck would have it, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and by race time, which was at 4pm, it was sweltering outside. Just standing there at the starting line, we were all sweating!

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The Latest Trends in Tennis Fashion

In addition to the amazing health benefits and competitiveness, there’s one more thing I love about tennis…the fashion! In many ways, the game of tennis has evolved more than any other sport for women when it comes to clothing options. With each grand slam tournament, the pros show off the latest designs for the season and with the US Open now in full swing, I was inspired to round up some of my favorites. From casual practice to tournament days, and even off the court, there are more options than ever for looking stylish!


Whether you want a top in a technical fabric, a fun and bright tank, or a more feminine dolman sleeve, there’s nothing but options!

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A No Weight, No Excuses Leg Workout

Please note that I am not a licensed trainer. I am simply sharing workouts based on my own experiences and that I enjoy. Please consult with your doctor before starting a new exercising program.

I’m a tennis player, and while I’ve only been playing the sport for a few years, I’ve realized that the stronger you are, the better your game. Strong legs allow you to squat and reach those low shots, run to get to the ball, and generally increase your stamina and power.

No Weight Leg Workout

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Yoga Etiquette

I remember stepping into my first yoga class. It was shortly after my move to Barbados, and I was thrilled to finally be able to check another item off my must-try list. I also remember being a bit nervous. I had never practiced yoga before, and had no idea how to behave or act during the class. Sure, I had participated in group classes at the gym, but yoga seemed…different. Looking back, I can see that my nerves were unwarranted. The class was amazing, and I enjoyed it so much that I returned week after week. 

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Paleo Basics

Please note that I am not a licensed nutritionist. I am simply sharing what I’ve researched, learned, and personally experienced.  Please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet.

I started my paleo journey about 5 years ago when my kick-ass friend and CrossFit competitor, Krista, told me about it. I was looking to loose some of the baby weight from when I was pregnant with Gwyneth and thought I’d give it a try.

Then over coffee last week, my girlfriend and I started talking about food and diets, and she mentioned how she needed to change her eating habits because of several allergies and food intolerances she’d developed over the past couple years. So I put together these paleo basics for her and anyone else hoping to gain some understanding of the diet.

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