Tips for Beautiful Hair

Tips for Beautiful Hair

Everyone has a bad hair day, and we can all agree that they suck. But what happens when your bad hair day turns into a bad hair month?

As women, we put our hair through a lot. Coloring, drying, curling, straightening, you name it. Our hair gets abused, and this constant abuse can cause long term damage.

Today, we have a guest sharing her story about how she brought her hair back to life. Please welcome Katie! Read More…

A Ladies Only Golf Club!

Ladies' Golf Club of Toronto

Did you know that since 1924, Toronto has been home to a ladies golf club? In fact, the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto is the only private golf club in North America where women have priority access to tee times. Of course, men are more than welcome to join, but it’s always ladies first at this club! Read More…

Cottage Weekend Style

The holiday weekend is just a few days away and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than at the cottage. Whether your family owns one, you’re in a rental for the weekend, or simply visiting some friends, time by the lake just can’t be beat!

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Sporty Chic

We were in NYC recently staying very close to Madison Square Garden, home of the Knicks and Rangers, and knew we had to show our love for sports with a fashion post on one of our favorite trends – sporty chic! Pairing tennies with a cute skirt or dress, throwing on a baseball cap with skinny jeans and heels, it’s so easy to be creative and come up with a gorgeous outfit that makes comfy, casual attire look absolutely fabulous. 

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Yes, You Can Wear a T-Shirt on the Golf Course!

Ever since we launched our apparel line, we’ve been wearing our graphic golf t-shirts anywhere and everywhere! We’re super proud to show our love for fashion and golf, both on and off the course. It’s always amazing to hear someone compliment us on our designs, but what we didn’t expect to hear over and over again is, “It has no collar, are you allowed to wear that on the course?”

T-Shirts on the Golf Course Read More…

How to Get Incredible Curls

This is definitely one of our longest posts. I apologize in advance. But if you have curly hair, it’s a good read, I promise!

Curly hair is complicated. Frizz; crunchy curls; knots; hair weighed down; uneven curls; do I brush it, do I not; should I use cream or mousse, or both…there are countless issues we face. Most people who ask about my curly hair for the first time assume I’ve pulled out the curling iron and spent hours curling individual strands. But I don’t. And I’m excited to tell you that getting beautiful curls with volume is crazy easy!

So if you have waves or curls and want to know how to make the most out of them, read on, your life’s about to change;) Incredible Curls Title

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Why You Should Be Using Cleansing Oil + How To Use It

When I was in Hong Kong a few months ago, I decided to purchase some cleansing oil. It’s a product that has gained a lot of popularity lately and since I was in one of the best cities to purchase beauty products, I felt inspired to take the leap. I was hoping to buy the highly recommended DHC Cleansing Oil, but decided on this one from Shu Uemura as the DHC product was sold out everywhere!

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The Best His + Hers Holiday Gift Guides!

We are both stuck on what to buy our husbands this year. And every time we ask a friend what they’re getting their husband, in the hopes of stealing their idea, they too are completely stuck. Why is it so hard to shop for men? 

Coming up with the ladies side of this gift guide was easy. These are all things we want ourselves or have tried and absolutely adore. So for the men’s side of things, we pulled together gifts and ideas we (or friends of ours) have used in the past. All excellent gifts! If, however, you have any other ideas for the gentlemen in your life, please pass them along. We only have 9 more days to figure our own gifts out!


Gift Guide Final Collage v2 Read More…